Local Bands


I thought a thread where we put up links to the websites of local bands would be a good idea.

So I went ahead and did it. I'm not sure if this is already a thread, so if it is, I apologize.

The first band I have here is The Offbeats, I've seen these guys quite a few times.

The 2nd band is called Vaginal Deathblow, or simply VDB. I think I've seen them once or twice, and I'm pretty sure I got drunk and offended their lead signer, so I'll put them up here as a gesture of goodwill.

This next band is a Ska band out of Tennese that played these parts once or twice, I was impressed or I at least had fun in their mosh pit. Oh their called Stuck Lucky btw.

This band is called Fishlips, they play at my usual bars, and I went to school with their harmonica player.

I went to school with this girl. She started out as kind of a solo acoustic act, but last time I saw her she had a band. They are called Dooley Noted

Here is another Ska band I've seen a few times, they are called The Happy Accidents.

This band I saw last friday and they kicked a whole lot of ass, they're an Irish Punk band from Chicago called Flat Foot 56


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The ones I list aren't necessarily local, but rising bands that may catch fire soon. I did a thread like this a while ago, so it's nice to see someone return it.

Brunswick - My friend's band, they're pretty good punk/pop band.

Revelation Theory - Great general rock band with awesome vocals and sounds. Check 'em out.

Day of Fire - Another great general rock band

RED - Rock band with a dark, ambient feel


Okay I'll dig up some more bands.

This is a Grand Rapids, MI band called Hopeless Heros, they're a pop-punk band that I think played with a band I roadied for a few summers ago.

This band is called Mad Aleck, I know the band I roadied for played with these guys. More alternative/pop punkish stuff.

This is another Grand Rapids band, of some renown, they are called Mustard Plug. They are one of the best live bands I've seen, alot of energy. They had a song on the soundtrack to Goodburger and last time I saw them, they mentioned they'd be on a upcoming Jim Carey movie soundtrack.

This Kalamazoo band is called the Industrial West, a kickass rockabilly band that sadley broke up. But the music is still good.

Yet another Kalamazoo Ska band, and sadley another broken up band. They are called 72 Dolphins


I just thought of some more underground kind of punk rock thats worth checking out, Common Rider.

Its Jessie Owens of Operation Ivy's band. Its kind of got a hiphop punk feel.