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Lizzie Borden


Registered Member
With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it would be interesting to see if there are those that find the Lizzie Borden tale fascinating.
That, and I was watching the Travel channel on Tv, and they had the top 20 scariest places and Lizzie Borden's house was number 1~
Actually it's a bed and breakfast now and some guests were interviewed after their stay, and they said they did indeed feel a presence of sorts and things happened.
Would you stay overnight at the house of Lizzie Borden??
I would love to!...but not alone.
I definitely would like to tour the home, if not stay over night.
This is one haunted mystery that may never ever be solved.


New Member
Yeah, I've always found the Lizzie Borden Legend fascinating. It would be cool to tour the house, maybe stay but don't think I'd sleep anyway.