Living with humans has taught dogs morals


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Here's an interesting read:

Living with humans has taught dogs morals, say scientists | Mail Online

It makes sense too. Dogs that live with humans seem to be more well behaved than strays, wolves, etc. I guess that seems like it would be a given but this article explains some things you might not have thought about.

For example, dogs in the wild are generally more aggressive even with dogs they know than dogs in captivity. They don't seem to mind being "pets" either. They learn "social rules" and tend to abide by them.


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That article is great. I think people who just don't love dogs don't aren't able to understand everything this article talks about. I know my dogs can read my mood like it is nothing, and I think that is really something special. This article was facinating, thanks for the share.


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My two dogs are more behaved than dogs that are only outdoor dogs. Hell mine even go into time out. If they start to beg or snatches the baby's snack all we have to do is tell them to go to Doggie prison (The Laundry room) and they drop their heads and slowly walk towards the Laundry room and stay there till called out.

But then again my cats will go and sulk in me and my wifes room when I throw them out of the kitchen for snatching food.

Sometimes my animals are more well behaved than my 2 boys.

Thanks for the good read Hybrix. :thumbsup: