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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Chaos, Apr 4, 2009.

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    So, right off the bat I'm going to state that [highlight]this is not a thread about the moral ramifications or justification of cloning[/highlight]. Instead, we're going to imagine a scenario in which a loved one close to you has passed away - it could be through natural causes, unnatural causes, it doesn't matter. The focus on the thread here is this:

    Would you be able to live with a clone of that person? If the clone was identical, had the same memories, the same feelings - was in every manner an exact replica - would you still view the clone as you did the original? Would you be able to live with the clone like you once did with the original?

  2. Dragon

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    I think it would be hard for me to get along with ghe clone because I would know this is a clone and not the original person I know. It will be pretty awkward to me.
  3. Altanzitarron

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    I would never choose to be in this situation, if someone offered me a replica I'd say no. It would interfere with the natural process of grief that's supposed to take place in order for you to grow as a person.

    If I had no choice and had to live with a replica, it would probably be very awkward but I bet there would be times when I'd almost forget that it isn't the real person and have some moments that would be ok with it. However as soon as I remembered that it was just a replica I'd probably start feeling guilty about it.
  4. Nixola

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    No, I wouldn't view the clone in the same way as I did the original. It would be weird knowing that they weren't the original, I think I would treat them differently, and I wouldn't have the same feelings for the clone as I did for the original. I couldn't interact with them in the same way, they won't know that they are a clone, but I would and that would make it hard.
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  5. ysabel

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    Exact replica except the knowledge that I know this is a clone? Yes, I could live with that. The clone aspect of him/her might be a hindrance at getting comfy with the person, at first. But if the person was exactly like the original, then the person would possess the same things I appreciated from the original, I don't see why I should suddenly dislike it or discontinue my relationship with it.

    That said, I don't really approve of cloning.
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    The way I see it is kind of like when I was a kid I remember I lost my toy. My parents bought me another one, it was exactly the same but to me it wasn't the same. I wanted "My" toy not the same toy. :lol:
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  7. ysabel

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    Haha, I know that feeling. Except one part I don't like about the new one, aside from knowing it wasn't the original, was that it still looks different. It smells different, and the stains that remind me of use would be gone. Seems like those little things (shared memories, the person's behavior towards me, our common understanding and personal secrets) would still be with the clone.
  8. Altanzitarron

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    Yeah I know what you mean, except this replica would only have been artificially given those memories. It wasn't the one that actually experienced them with you. I think I'd feel guilty if I carried on with this clone from the point where my loved one left off.
  9. ysabel

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    I don't think I would feel guilty. It's not like I killed the loved one, haha. It's like having a spouse, who dies, and another spouse takes over. It's not the same person but I shouldn't feel guilty for feeling the same thing I had for the deceased spouse, for this new person.

    Going back to the clone. Just to be clear, as long as I know it's the clone, I know it wouldn't be the same. That knowledge is enough to make you consider things differently. I'm just saying I wouldn't necessarily reject it and can even see myself adapting to the situation.

    And honestly, I feel that sometimes we are attached to the relationship than the person itself. Example, even if you remove the idea of cloning, when someone we like has changed (either by dementia or major personality change) and seems not to be the same person, there's still this part of us that would still accept that person because of your attachment to what you shared together. Some just don't easily move on despite knowing someone isn't the same anymore and witnessing changed behaviors. I think it would be harder to move on if there were no other indidcations (in behavior, look, memories) that the person isn't the same other than being told that it's a clone.

    It's no wonder people like to clone, even if they know it wouldn't be the same person or even if there is a risk that it wouldn't be the exact replica. The main idea is to get back to the idea of what they had before. As long as they have the person/pet back to continue the relationship, that's all that matters to them.
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  10. Swiftstrike

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    Well, I would view the clone as a human being too. And you know what if I fell in love with the persons characteristics once I would probably fall in love with them again.

    It's similar to getting married having your lover die then remarrying at a later date. Their characteristics and mannerisms could be the same but you would view them as two different people.

    The identical appearance would throw me off a bit. But to be honest I think it wouldnt bother me.

    They are two different people. I dont think I could ever view it otherwise.

    NOTE: I believe no conservative will post in this thread because they morally oppose cloning. LOL
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