Living on your own, or home by yourself.

Well I was living with mom to take care of her she has severe alzheimers but she has since went into a nursing home and I am living alone but I am moving in 2 weeks to another state and another state of mind.

I do keep the house clean but not neat but clean anyway


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I am currently living with my parents and as fast as I turn 18, I'll be looking to get the fuck outta here, I love my privacy time and in this house, you don't get it often, no one knows how to fucking knock. And when I find out I am home alone, I am the happiest bloke in the world, means I can do anything I wanna :D


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I love being alone, i sort of lived alone from 17 to 19 and it felt really good to be on my own, then again when i went to college... even the cooking feels better =p

Plus i didn't have to give explanations of who i brought home ^^


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I live in a place with my work mates, we all get along well and take turns on taking each other to work, it works feel for everyone. Also we live cheaper this way.


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I love living alone, always enjoyed my own company, even when i was growing up, i was always shut in my bedroom. I'm not anti-social by any means.
I would prefer living alone, as i can hear my kind of music, I can do full time jamming with my friends, and watch as many movies as i want.

I wish i can live alone all time, but still i think when it comes to preparing food or cleaning house that i can't do....

So for sometime i would prefer living alone in my home bt nt 4ever.