Living on your own, or home by yourself.


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I like having my boyfriend around because I live in a pretty horrible area and if I am in this house on my own I get jumpy about every little noise from outside.
I never minded being home alone when I lived with my parents because they live in a safe area and have never had any bother.


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So which to you prefer? Do you like being home alone, or having your own place by yourself? What is the worst part, and what do you enjoy most?(keep it clean lol).

Technically, I've never been home alone since I gave birth to my son. There's always at least 1 child with me at home. But since they're small, even if they're 3 with me, I get that "home alone" feel when my husband travels -- at least at night, when we're used to him coming home from work and he doesn't.

It doesn't scare me. I'm more organised somehow when that happens. And I like the peace and calm.

I'm more efficient with chores when I'm alone. It was the same when I lived by myself during my university days. At home (with my grandparents) I get lazy and don't do much. But with my own place, it feels like I'm cleaning all the time.


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I love living alone so much. I have been thinking about getting a roommate so that I can get an extra $200 per month, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

I am a video game addict, and I wouldn't want someone bitching all the time about how often I play them. I can also have a lot more naked time. Although, that plan gets foiled when there's a sudden knock on the door and i have to scramble for clothing while the dog is barking like a psychopath.

I'm not really afraid to live on my own since I have the dog and live on the 2nd floor.

However, it's definitely much less creepy living alone in the city than it is in the country. Random noises in the country are scary. lol


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At the moment, I'm living at home with my parents. I'm building up a financial cushion because at the moment, frankly it's just too goddamn expensive to live on my own in New England.


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I love being at home alone, day or night it just does not happen that often, although I should get at least a week to my self when the kids go down to there grandmums place next month and there mum will be going as well.

I dont think I have ever gotten freaked out when home alone at night, sure there are strange sounds every now and again but nothing that bothers me, guess all the time night fishing in the middle of no where has helped with that, and the several large knives, swords and assorted weapons that are stashed around the home,lol.


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I like being home alone. In the day I can get on the computer and not be interrupted to do stuff. But in the night I start to worry. Maybe it's not my time yet.


I'd rather be at home alone for some hours than live on my own.
i hate loneliness and having a home all of your own ... just sucks and is boring.
so ... i like being alone for a few hours but definitely sharing the home with family or any other one, is better.
i don't wanna live alone.