Living Off Grid

I'd like to try dropping off the grid for a while, just to see if it's possible. I was thinking getting an apartment in NYC, paying cash for it, I'm sure some of them let you do it. I've heard you can get everything delivered to your place in NYC, so that could avoid CCTV. If I need a cell, I'd get some stranger to get me a disposable in a different city, and only turn it on when I need it. Pay cash for everything.

Do you guys think this is even possible?? If so, any tips you could offer?


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Further, I believe living off of the grid means that you also generate your own electricity (through solar panels/wind/etc...), farm your own food, dispose of your own waste, and pump your own water. Perhaps you could clarify your motives and we could help point you in the right way? I know a good deal about off-grid living and could point you to a few websites and books. One such book, "How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it," provides a wonderful wealth of information on self-sufficiency--written by James Wesley Rawles.


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Here is what you do!! Regardless of motive. Find a good friend that already owns his or her own house. Make a deal to pay $400 - $500 cash per month for housing, all bills paid for. Have a pre paid cell phone with a phony name on it, and change the address on your drivers licsense to a phony address like the post office. Now with that said you will never know if you have warrants, tickets, jury duty or having a friend simply looking for you. You have nothing under your name and you have a phony address. Simple as that...unless your friend spill the beans!!!


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Ahhhh ok you want to "escape"--I misinterpreted.

In that case, faking your own death would probably help as well.

(NOTE: I am NOT advising that, nor am I responsible for actions you take after reading this thread!)


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If you are an avid urban survivalist it would be no trouble, being a modern nomad is actually easy. It is almost like backpacking a foreign country. Do odd jobs for money. You could be staying in shelters if you do not mind not having personal possessions only what is necessary and disposable. As for food, that should be no trouble if you are doing odd jobs for money you always have something to pay with then if you manage what little money you acquire well, and of course there are always missionary's that give food to the poor and homeless.


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I have trouble figuring out your motives but I guess after thinking about it, it does sound very interesting and exciting. The thought of waking up not know what the day will bring. Let me tell you know, I wake up in the morning, go to college, come home, make dinner, watch TV / or go out for drinks and go to bed finally. I wake up knowing that my day will be the same as yesterday.

Anyway, I suppose paying everything by cash is the way to go for your mission, go for eco products, usually cheaper but come in bigger quantities... not as much nutrients, may need to get some supplements.

Good luck on your quest and when you reach an internet cafe, don't forget to keep us posted.