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Discuss Living in rough areas


aka ginger warlock
Liverpool like a lot of places around the world has a bit of a checkered history, it is seen by some as one of the nicer places to live in with some of the nicest people in the world with two of the greatest football teams in the english league. Others see it as a horrible place with some of the nastiest areas and some of the worst gang's in the country, I knew some of this when I moved to liverpool and to be fair some of the history this city has is based on fact. There are some nasty areas, there are some nasty people but the majority of the people I know and have met are decent people, there are of course exceptions to this rule but I have never personally seen it.

Some will never change their views on places like Liverpool and will always think of it as a horrible place filled with scally's (slang for scallywag), I know some people personally who refuse to come to Liverpool because they thing the minute they get off the train at Lime Street they will be mugged, this is pathetic, I have walked home and through town late at night and never had anything happen to me, I keep my whits about me but I have always been safe.

Do you live in an area that could be percieved as rough or do you know any? What is it really like and how does it make you feel that people have this opinion? Does it bother you?


Son of Liberty
When I was in law school in Houston I lived for awhile in a very bad apartment complex. Every night there was a group of guys hanging out at the bottom of the stairs and they sold drugs to people that would pass by. It looked like a McDonalds drive through. It was scary coming home from the library at midnight and having to pass them as I was trying to get to my apartment. Not a good situation at all.


I'm serious
I live in Johannesburg. Nuff said. :lol:

But on a serious note, my city really isn't safe. If anything, I think people underestimate the high level of crime we have (throughout most of the country, in fact). Don't get me wrong, I love my city. But it is a way of life. And that way is very restricting for a social life.

I'm single, so typically when I meet up with friends for dinner or drinks, I have a problem, as it's not safe to drive alone at night, especially for a woman. So I adapt. I stay over at friends or they pick me up to avoid late driving.

You're not going to get mugged getting off the plane here, to be fair. But tourist are easy targets because they are less vigilant than the locals have become. My area where I live is about as safe as you can get though. We live behind high walls and security fences and even have security guards patrolling complexes.

It's just a way of life!
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Free Spirit
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I've never lived in a area that was real bad but this one little town I lived in had a lot of petty thieves and just general meanness. No muggings or killings but don't leave anything out or it will be stolen and maybe burn your shed down type thing. I never felt threatened out walking at night or anything like that but if you listen to some in the area, that have never actually lived there, you would think living there would put your life in danger.


Ms. Malone
I wouldn't call it 'rough' but I really don't feel safe walking to my local train stop on a morning without my steel toe caps on, especially walking up the bike track.

The station itself is kinda spooky in the early morning, and I'm always weary of people who come down.


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Where I live now is far from the worst area of my city, but it certainly isn't the best. You get a few groups of youngsters that like to hang around drinking on the streets in the evenings, and I would not be comfortable walking on my own at night. To be honest though, it could be far worse, and it isn't a terrible place to live.

I have been quite lucky in that I have never had to live a really rough area. Growing up we nearly ended up having to live in an area with a very bad reputation, which was well earned! Thankfully we managed to find a house in a really nice area of the city and avoided it.

I think every large town/city has areas that a lot of people would prefer to avoid, and that some people have no choice but to live there. A lot of these areas have probably got a bad name through one or two incidents and the fact that there is usually a high amount of social housing, poverty etc. (I am generalising here). There can be a misconception about the people that end up in these areas, which is a shame, as the majority are decent people.


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I think I live in a pretty safe area (I guess you could always be safer though), we have had crime happen in our own driveway but nothing violent.

There's a tourist town nearby called Manitou Springs. Tons of weird stuff goes down over there so I try to stay away as much as possible (though that's impossible if you want to hike like I do). I would never go there by myself, never have, never will.

I actually ran across two guys having an actual fight in the parking lot to a cheap hotel right near the main road to the whole town.

From what I understand there's a lot of witchcraft and sorcery that is practiced there and I've even heard about human sacrifice happening there.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The area I live in is about as safe as you can get. I feel perfectly safe walking around by myself at night, even in the wee hours of the morning. Most of the crime that happens here is done by teenagers, like property damage. Occasionally cars get broken into, but in most instances it seems like the doors were unlocked and valuable belongings were left in plain sight. I'm pretty sure there has never been a homicide in this town.

Obviously there are dangerous areas in and around Chicago, but I try to avoid them. There's no reason to ever visit those areas unless you live in one of them. Contrary to popular belief, there are safe areas in Chicago. The downtown area is actually very safe.


I've always lived in pretty safe areas. There was a few dodgy people in the old neighbourhood I lived in. And I wouldn't walk around there at night. But nothing too bad ever happened. The worst thing we had was 2 different letterboxes of ours got smashed up. Some kids there had a habit of smashing up peoples letterboxes.


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I live in a bad part of town. In the summer there are women selling themself for money right outside where i live. Theres also a bar near me..And there is a "Flop house" near me too where people do drugs..