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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Ilus_Unistus, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Many of you know I live in Estonia, there is something I wish to of how Estonia is viewed. Some, maybe most do not even know Estonia but it is easily found on google to know more of it.

    I see in the News how NATO, USA, Brittan and many other countries take sides so to say with countries with "Bulling" neighboring countries, like N. Korea/S. Korea for instance. But I think little is known, or maybe ignored by the world of the Bulling Russia does with Estonia. It seems each month Russia pushes the boundaries of what they can do to intimidate us. For instance and most recent, in August 2010 Russia fired missiles in the direction on Estonia that landed just to our border with no coordination or consent from Estonia.

    Then when the Eesti government takes a stand with Russia and NATO, Russia says our political leaders need to "grow up"? And nothing more is said by any other member of NATO. But this kind of thing happens almost monthly here and nothing is said or done to make Russia stop its intimidation strategy of making Estonia unstable.

    I do not know if you can imagine the feeling that any day your country could be invaded or bombed by its neighbor, a neighbor who hates you because of the past. To make some perspective for you in America, imagine living in Florida (if it were a country separate from the USA) and the rest of the USA sent its Navy off your shores, or flew 500 Jet fighters/bombers over your city or sent missiles at your border on a monthly basis with no warning or consent.

    Is it wrong that I feel Estonia is overlooked in this? Does Russia deserve so much respect from NATO that they should do as they please with not so much as a word said?

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    If what you say is true, then yes, you're right to be concerned.

    I think a large part of the problem is that N Korea is making enemies out of most of the rest of the world, whereas Russia is very selective in who they bother. N Korea has made threats against the US, which means it's bigger news when N Korea threatens anyone else too.
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    Using your example of N Korea, you need to remember that a large threat from them is the fact that they are rumoured to hold nuclear weapons. So they are a nuclear threat which makes them a world threat. I don't know much about what threat Russia holds to Estonia, I won't lie. If you say it is serious, I believe you though.

    South Africa is not exactly in the same situation, but we do have pesky neighbours which a lot of South Africans have said should also be dealt with by the mighty US. Bob Mugabe is a dictator and this has resulted in an influx of illegal immegrants through our borders in hopes of escaping their own dismal run down country. They are not only taking our jobs, but also committing crime in our country to support themselves due to there not being enough jobs to sustain even our own population. So this in itself is a problem. I feel your frustration. I just don't agree that the US needs to get involved in every "war".
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    I think it is common knowledge that Russia is the ones providing Iran with Plutonium and other necessities in making Nuclear bombs/missiles, but still the world does nothing about it. Israel has already stated if Iran test its nuclear capability it will send every plane in its air force to bomb Iran into the stone age. This is maybe propaganda, but Israel does have one of the largest, advanced air forces in the world, so it should be taken serious.

    What happens then? Every Muslim country would then be at war with Israel, the USA and NATO would side with Israel most likely, then we have WW3... Some here feel this is Russia's ultimate goal so once again countries like Estonia can be used as "bargaining chips" for Russia like at the end of WW2. This is taken so serious here our government has already increased spending for war time equipment by 30% in the last 5 years.

    Since some countries like Estonia were free from Russian rule it has been discovered there is much oil and other resources Russia had not discovered and this does not please Russia at all.

    The point I make is not only is Russia a threat to Estonia, but it is to the rest of the world as well. The Russian Government is the "snake" of the world, they lie, intimidate, cheat and steal then deny any wrong doing and the rest of the world happily allows it.

    I do not think the USA should be in any kind of war over this as well, but the USA and NATO have alot of economic pull and power that can be used to put a stop to all this but choose to ignore it instead. All of it.
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    You asked what people know and think of Estonia -- I can just speak for myself. I don't know much about Estonia, just a few things:

    It's often named together with Latvia and Lithuania, all three countries had been independent between the World Wars, then were part of the USSR until 1991 and have since, after their independence, become members of NATO and EU. All three have a rather small population, two or three million each maximum, and all three have large Russian minorities. But unlike Latvian or Lithuanian, the Estonian language does not belong to the same language group, but is related to the Finnish language.

    Not sure if that applies to Estonia too, but I remember having read that folk music is a very important part of the newly acquired national identity after Soviet rule, at least in Lithuania and Latvia.

    I remember there were problems because of these large Russian minorities, the Russians complained about discrimination and the non-Russians are afraid to give the Russian minorities too much leeway, because they want to leave the time of Soviet dictatorship behind and be truly independent. I remember having read about a quarrel about some Soviet statue (Lenin, maybe?), which the non-Russian majority wants to be removed, but the remaining Russians want to maintain -- but I don't remember whether that was in Estonia or one of the other two countries.

    All three countries have granted full minority rights to the Russians, which was a precondition for EU membership. And I remember Estonia is the economically most advanced of the three Baltic states, and has best chances to become the first of the three to adopt the Euro currency (assuming that's still a topic after the recent turmoil in the Eurozone).

    I also remember there is some tension between Estonians and the Russian minority as well as the Russian mainland, but I wasn't aware it's that bad.

    It's easy to say, as someone who isn't directly concerned, but I'd say you shouldn't worry too much about Russia: It's just sabor rattling to boost their national ego. NATO and EU membership makes sure Russia won't cross the line, they cannot afford to really piss off the US, Germany, Britain and France.

    On the other side, Russia cannot be intimidated, or even bombed down like Iran: It's still the world's #2 nuclear superpower and a genuine regional power. Harsh threats against Russia would just provoke even more hostile reactions from their side and just make the problem worse, I believe. A harsh public condemnation would just make the people angry and force the Russian leaders to prove to their own people they have "balls", and thus just cause more hostile braggng. Let them boost their national ego and don't take them too seriously -- they won't invade and risk a war against NATO. I assume their bragging will vanish over time, once the old Cold War generation has died out.

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