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Living in a tiny house


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If I were living alone I could definitely live in a really small house. I don't like owning a lot of things, so I wouldn't be worried about the space. As long as I have a cooking area, a bathroom, a bed, and a small living area for a couch and maybe a TV and computer I would be happy. What I would want is a big yard though, or space to move around outdoors. Having a tiny house or apartment in a really urban area where there's not really anywhere to hang out outside with some privacy would be tough for me.


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I need at least a large 1 bedroom apartment, or a small 2 bedroom duplex. I am currently in a 1 bedroom large, but am about to move into a small 2 bedroom. I'm still a little iffy about it because it doesn't have things like a pantry...but I may find a couple of easy solutions to that instead of relying on everything to be built in. Haven't 100% decided yet.

But I have too much stuff that I would be unwilling to get rid of, I can't live in a super tiny space.


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I think it'd be interesting for a while. It looks like nothing more than a small cabin. I'd never want to own one myself. Imagine paying property taxes on that, doesn't even make sense. Do these people have tiny lots too are are their yards massive?

I imagine this would be great for people that just need a place to sleep at home and spend their time out in the world.


The house I live in is pretty small, but nothing like some of those. I don't need anything huge, but I couldn't imagine living in a one or two room house. That's nonsense.


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I couldn't live in just one room. But I could live in a small house as long as the bedroom/bathroom were separate to the living area. On the link I quite like the look of one that had bedroom and bathroom on the first floor and living space on the ground floor. But it wouldn't be my first choice of home. I live in a good sized 2 bedroom house and it is just right for me, although I do need more shelving.