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Discussion in 'Music' started by Bananas, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Muse. I thought they were amazing when I saw them perform live, on par, if not a lot better than their albums. I'll come back and edit with some live videos later.
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    Yeah, Muse are one of few current reknown bands that still know how to perform.

    Here you go;
    YouTube - Time Is Running Out: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007
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    Thunderstruck is amazing live, my friend as a total album of ACDC live and it's amazing.

    Phil Collins and Bon Jovi are both amazing live, seen both of them actually live.

    I always thought Michael Jackson was great live as well, Freddie Murcury was one of the best.
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    Both had a very rare stage presence where they become these goliath characters...... its only when they thank the band you realise that there were other people on the stage with them.
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    Widespread Panic is hands down one of the best live performers out there today. They're a jam band similar to Grateful Dead or Phish, and like those bands they're more well-known for their live shows than their studio music. They have a pretty huge following of fans that follow them around the country. No two shows of theirs are ever the same. They always have a different setlist. I was never really a fan of theirs until a friend of mine took me to a show. By far the best concert I've ever been to.

    YouTube - Love Tractor - Widespread Panic (Rothbury 2008)
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