Live Inside/Control Your Dreams


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Posting this in relation to the Lucid Dream thread.

I found this on another forum; how to control and live inside your dreams.

WARNING: Use at own risk, I haven't tried this, I'm going to over the summer.

First Step
You go through dream cycles when you sleep at night resulting in more than one dream. the difficult part is remembering your dreams when you wake up. To do this, literally say to yourself in your mind "i am going to dream tonight, and i will remember what it is, i will remember my dream tonight" while repeating i guarantee you will doze off to sleep. believe me it works. That part will help you remember your dreams.
the next part of step one: make a dream journal. Doing this allows you to build a reliable dream recall(AKA remembering your dreams). when you wake up in the morning, find a place to type/write down and dream you remember from the night. describe it, tell what happen, write down anything that stuck in your mind. for example, i typed mine in a simple microsoft word file when i woke up. this part is important. do this for a week or 2 until your pretty confident in your dream recall.

Second Step
"reality checks"
give yourself mental clues throughout the day, the idea of this is to set up red flags or your dream. to take hold and control of your dream, you have to realize your dreaming, while in your dream. this part is tricky. set up clues like looking at a clock, looking away, and looking back at the clock. in dreams the time will most likely show 2 different times, a red flag. another way is to look at your hands, for they will often have more than 5 fingers in your dream, another red flag. so during the day look at clocks, down at your hands, and say "this is real" or "I'm not dreaming"

Third Step
"lucid dreaming"
all of that takes a lot of mental training, but the moment has come. once you realize your dreaming, while inside your dream, stay relaxed, if you become like "holy s*** i got it" you'll probably wake yourself up =/. now your in complete control and you can do whatever the hell you want.

Fourth Step
"caution time"
high adrenaline/stressful times relay real time to your heart rate, if you choose an erotic dream, your heart rate can increase, if scary things happen like car accident, that can also cause a heart rate increase. most people will be just fine, but if you have a heart condition watch it. IN BAD SITUATIONS, that you may dream, your setting will immediately change if you start spinning, keep that in mind.

Step are a little long, so they're spoilers. If any mods/admins want to change that, feel free. Have fun. :)
Would be interesting to know how you got on with this. I used to keep a dream journal when I was younger but I don't know whether it helped me recall dreams any better. As for step no.2, I think I'd feel stupid doing that :lol: or probably forget.


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If this actually worked it would be pretty freaking cool lol. I don't know if ill actually keep a journal or anything but im going ot try and take control of my dreams now lol.


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I can recall a time when I'd go pretty deep into step one. I'd pretty much fixate on certain dreams and in doing so I'd actually have the same dream over and over. Problem was it was usually a nightmare that had freaked me out the day before. So apparently I'd spent the time thinking about it only making it happen again :hah:


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I tell myself to dream all the time. Maybe it works, but usually I never remember it. I find myself saying "okay, I'm gonna remember this and tell my friend" within the dream, but in the next morning I move on to other stuff.

and I seem to be able to control what I do in my dreams too. I don't think it's the same as lucid dreaming, but I can stop and start dreams at will. If I'm going to die in my dream, I can make myself immortal or invincible. If I don't like where the dream's going, I can just make up another story or even wake up.


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Or get one of those contraptions that flashes lights at your eyes when your in REM. When you see the lights in your dream you realize you're dreaming, and bam, that shit becomes lucid.