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XBOX Original Live Discussion


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Has anyone here played on Xbox Live? I never had it, but played at friends and heard good things. Can you download stuff, like demos or ga,me saves? what was it like, compared to new 360 live? I was going to get but then the 360 came out and I sold my Xbox not my PSP and Uhhhh! i'm videogame lost. LOl


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Xbox Live was fun if you were playing with fun/cool people. but sometimes you'd stumble upon a little kid with a foul mouth who thinks he's bad ass, or the guy that talks like a gangster and thinks he's bad ass, and other A holes/cheaters.

for some games [ like crimson skies, halo 2, ninja gaiden, etc ] you'd be able to download new maps/weapons/vehicles/etc for free.

you can't download save games using xbox live.


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Yeah, I agree with what Wrecked said. It's definitely a lot of fun playing with people you know, or at least people who take the game seriously and play fair and everything. The problem is there's a ton of cheaters and 13-year old kids with high voices that like to scream into their mics or team killers, and that can really ruin the experience. Building a good friends list is a must.


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That's a good point.

When I play Halo 2, I always play with my friend and a clan we started for Halo 2. There's also another clan of people we used to work with that we play with a lot.

Once the 360 becomes more mainstream and we get some more members going, we should start scheduling a monthly "Halo" night, or whatever games are available for the 360. It's definately more fun to play with responsible people.

Although... going off on a little tangent here, I do like to make fun of the thirteen year old kids. They say something like, "Haha- your score is dropping!" and you come back with, "Oh, you mean like the way your balls haven't?"