Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Film in Development


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The entertainment website reports that film producer Erwin Stoff (The Matrix, A Scanner Darkly) is developing a live-action adaptation of Sunrise's Cowboy Bebop multi-genre action anime series for Fox.

Stoff told the website that the project is "in the really early stages" since the parties "just signed it the other day." Shinichiro Watanabe's original anime follows the motley crew of the spaceship Bebop as it travels throughout the solar system in search of the next job.

Stoff promised "a real degree of faithfulness," and added, “When I met with them in Japan, one of the first things that I brought up was the experience that we had on A Scanner Darkly, and how hard we worked to remain faithful to Philip K. Dick, and that was our big concern here.”

The anime distributor Bandai Entertainment and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block released the original 1998 television series in the United States, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the subsequent 2001 animated movie.

The anime was also adapted into two separate manga series, and Tokyopop released both manga series in North America. A Bandai Entertainment representative was unable to publicly comment on this report.

Source: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Film in Development at Fox - Anime News Network

This has to be one of the worst ideas ever. There's no way this is going to work. Why can't they just leave anime alone. :shake:


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I see this as more bad news for the anime industry.

When are they going to wake up and see that we are sick of them remaking shit and start coming up with something original instead of butchering and killing great entertainment. oh wait, thats right that means they would have to be creative and actually do work.
I really hope this gets dropped like dbz and evangelion.
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I think in general live-action remakes ruin anime series.

I doubt they will go through with it. It seems these types of proposals don't seem to go through.


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No, No, NO! Don't do it! Don't kill Anime by making cheesy half assed Live Action movies out of them.

Leave Spike the hell out of it!

It doesn't surprise me tho, Hollyweird is snatching anything Comic and Anime related to try and make a buck from.
Actually, Cowboy bebop wold be easier to make a movie out of than a show with a hard storyline.

It allows them to make a new adventure that fits within the world, like with Knockin' on Heaven's Door.