Little Wing


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Stevie's for sure. I'm pretty certain that was the first version of the song that I heard and I don't listen to the others apart from Jimi's. Going to d/l the Sting version right now though.


still nobody's bitch
there are two or three songs on Layla that I skip every time, and that's one of them. It's too heavy on the percussion.


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Deffinately SRV's. And I have to admit, Little Wing was just filler in the Layla album. The tone was just aweful and off base compared to hendrix and it was poorly executed. But SRV's followed by Hendrix is the best. Though, I actually like the Studio version of Little Wing/Third Stone From the Sun best. I also love his covers of Voodoo Chile and Manic Depression better than the originals.

EDIT: FUCK! I forgot to mention how awesome Wild Thing is. I mean, god, he made love to his guitar in that one. Sheer genius that.
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Jimi's is definitely my favourite version. SRV's is the most technically amazing, but i think Jimi's is the most beautiful. It's short, sweet and perfect! Definitely my favourite version of it though. and the one i listen to the most, is his live performnce at the Royal Albert Hall. it feels much more complete than the studio version because it doesn't just fade out. The solo is much clearer and mroe powerful aswell. I wish they made the album version like this:

YouTube - Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (Live in London)


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Ok, while I was working out tonight I was listening to Hendrix and Little Wing came on. I looked up SRV's on my iPod and played it and I have to say I like Hendrix's just slightly better.