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Little things that make you judge someone.


Creeping On You
I tend to pick up on people's attitudes really quickly. I am instantly turned off if a person is constantly negative towards other people and things. I honestly start feeling tired and annoyed if I have to listen to too much negativity. I can get over it and still interact with the person, but I am always judging that person for it, and they get labelled as a negative person.

Another thing I tend to judge people for is their adherence to rules. I honestly can't stand people who get caught up in the rules themselves instead of the spirit of the rules. Or the details of convention instead of the spirit of convention. By that I mean, if you're worried more about what the rules are and whether you're following them, than the well being of those around you, or the well being of yourself, I'm gonna have a negative opinion of you. Stop being a stick in the mud, loosen up and rebel a little. Have some fun, it's good for your soul.


Registered Member
I think people's attitudes are really something I pay attention to. And how they dress. If they dress provocatively I think of them that way and dont typically want anything to do with them.

Typically its what they wear. XD I tend to pick at people (not to them) but, for example if I see a chic wearing animal print tighty shorts I kind of laugh. >.>

Wow I feel shallow now! XD

I base my judgments on how people dress and act mostly. I feel really shallow now >.> my bad


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Today I met a new hire for our store and she was very rude and bitchy to me. She was asking about the employee discounts and I asked if she had a discount card, because I wasn't aware that we had hired two new people instead of just one. I just thought she was from a different store, which isn't uncommon. But instead of explaining herself in a polite way, she chose to be rude stating she had WORKED THIS MORNING with CARRIE and MARIAH (for the first time since she's been hired), from EIGHT to TWO, and if I NEEDED her employee ID number she could give it to me. Just imagine that with a snooty tone powered by bitch-face, and you basically have the gist of the scenario.

So yeah...based on my first encounter with her, I'm judging her to be someone I won't get along with because she has no tact.


New Member
I only judge people if people have told me things about them.
Ie, My sister's friend. I had a bad opinion of her but couldn't put my finger on it until my Sister told me some things about her.