Little things that annoy you

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What are some little things that annoy you? maybe people give you a hard time about it?

For me, i have a couple.
i hate it when people go into a cupboard in my house and leave it open, i have to go and shut it. (my one friend leaves them open on purpose just to bother me cause he knows ill have to shut them)

theres a knob on my microwave that u push and it pops out and u turn it to set the time, and if i see it is left out, i have to push it back in. (again, my mom will push this back out after i have pushed it back in)

i cant stand it when people leave toothpaste with the cap off in drawers and it gets all hairy, and for that reason i never let anyone use my toothpaste, and if i do i insist they clean it off, because they WILL get toothpaste all over the cap, and that drives me mad.

so what are yours?
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