"Little Brightness"

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    Ok this is a poem that was written with Matt and TK in mind. Matt is writing about his little brother. The two brothers are off digimon if you didn't know.

    Little Brightness

    There you are
    a younger version of me
    am I trying to correct the mistakes I made
    or am I saving you from the consequences
    I believe I'm only here to protect you
    I feel I must guide you to the way
    I try to fight away the dark as your strength
    In truth you are mine and I collapse without you
    My jealousy raises as others are with you
    But our bond goes much deeper than our blood
    I try to take care of you
    Yet I know you can care for yourself
    Fears growthat I may become not needed and fade out
    I see you as a child but I'm the one acting childish
    I try to be the best brother to you
    And not fail you or betray you
    My love for you is something that can't be undone
    Friends or foes we will be there for each other
    For you are my brother I shall not leave you

  2. Pugz

    Pugz Ms. Malone V.I.P. Lifetime

    Aww brotherly love ^__^ if only all older brothers were that dedicated.

    Anyways! Very well written and very deep and emotional. Good work.
  3. Sorayoushi

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    That's sweet and meaningful. Yes, a brotherly bond. I can feel the rhythm and it was steady. Good job.
  4. See_Me_Fly

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    Really nice...very sweet and...uh...nice. oh and did i say it was very sweet? You write very good poems, with strong feeling and descriptive language

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