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Sally Twit
Answer this honestly.

When you put something in a public bin and it either falls out because you didn't put it in properly or the wind blows it away, do you pick it up and put it back in?
The reason I ask is because I see so many people try and throw things in bins and if it misses they just walk away. I just think what is the point?
Even if my litter blows half way down the street I'd still chase it and put it in the bin properly.


I'm obsessed when it comes to environment cleanliness so I always make sure to put stuff in the bin and if it falls out [which has happened only once] I pick it up and throw in the bin again.
Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. People just don't care to put things in the bin properly.
One day it happened to me that I couldn't find any bin along the street so I kept the banana skin in my bag until I went home to throw it in my bin.


Registered Member
if it fell out coz i didnt put it in properly i would pick it back up and put it back in, but if the wind blew it away i wouldnt go chasing it down the street i would probably just leave it tbh often if there isnt a bin close by i just shove my wrappers in my bag until i get home or too a bin, my dad was always drumming into me not to throw my rubbish in the street when i was younger
i would come home with pockets full of rubbish from school because there hadnt been many bins near me at playtime so i guess i have never been much of a litter bug
the thing that really bugs me is people that spit on the street i think that is disgusting
i also hate seeing people spitting their chewing gum onto the street, its quite easy to wrap in a bit of paper and bin it, theres nothing worse than getting someone elses gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I always make sure my garbage is properly thrown away or recycled. There aren't many things that bother me more than seeing litter on the ground.


Registered Member
If it falls out, I grab it and put it back in. But if it's really windy and I cant catch it, I just let it go cause the street cleaners will sweep it up anyway. And if there's no bin, I put it in my pocket or just keep it till I find a bin or till I get home. I just dont like seeing garbage in my room at home or anywhere else.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If it's my garbage then I make sure to throw it in a proper bin, I recycle cans/bottles and cardboard and paper. If I see some one the street then I won't go out of my way to put in the garbage, unless it's near me and I can throw it out right away.

I'm not an environment freak, but I do care about it somewhat.


I always make sure things go in properly. I would hate it if my rubbish ended up in the ocean somehow with sea creatures dying because of it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I will almost always pick my garbage back up and put it in the bin. I'm a little more lenient with paper but i can't fucking stand leaving plastic lying on the ground.


Registered Member
I always put my garbage in trash cans and there is no exception. If it falls out I pick it and put it in again.

I'm so mad when I see people throwing garbage everywhere. And many people do that in my country. They don't even try putting it in a bin, they throw it on the street or in the woods.
It's maybe different in other, more civilized countries, but here in Croatia I also sometimes see some old wash machines and other stuff thrown in the woods. It's awful that we are so negligent toward our nature. We changed the nature so much in negative sense.
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I put it back in, unless it's blown over a hedge or something where I can't get to it. In which case I'll feel pretty crap about the situation, but generally let it go and convince myself that the thing will degrade into nothingness in minutes.
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