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Literally surfing the web


Secret Agent
Staff member
Ever wanted to REALLY surf the web, literally? Now you can!

Well... provided that you know how to surf. :D


This isn't something I can imagine will ever have a big demand, but you never know. Seems like a waste of money but it is a pretty cool concept nonetheless. :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
No Way!!!!!!

That’s insane!!!!!!!! I had to see it to believe it. :-o

What a waste of a good surfboard. :shake:

But hey if your going to surf the net why not do it while you are zening..

But still what a waste of a good surfboard..:shake:


Registered Member
I have one thing to say to this: Nintendo Power Pad.

I don't think it'll catch on... just like all the other accessories that were supposed to help you stay fit while playing games or surfing the web.

Except for Dance Dance Revolution... but if you get out of the house to go to the arcade, you're already on the right path.