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    Sign up here for the ALL NEW Lit. Game - Underworld!!

    What is Underworld, I hear you say? It's a story of magic and power and strength. Set in the Human world Earth, a secret world lies hidden; a world where the things that go bump in the night are real. Werewolves, vampires, gods, demi-gods, demons, half-breed angels, changelings, mages, warlocks, banshees - everything and anything goes. Be a Human mage hunting evil vampires; be a vampire hunting Human prey!! Stalk the night as an evil sorceror, abducting victims for foul rituals, or use your powers for good and protect the Humans from harm.

    Murder, magic, and mystery entail...but remember - it's all secret and hidden. The Underworld only emerges at night!!

    What the hell are you waiting for?! SIGN UP NOW!!!

    Remember to include any extra details you deem necessary - for example:


    (Delete as applicable)

    Multiple characters are allowed!!

    Remember to keep characters and powers 'realistic'. The Underworld uses a magic system of 'energy'. It requires energy to form and use magic. A character cannot, for example, have limitless energy, or the power to destroy worlds, or the power to cause death with the click of a finger. Nor can a character be invincible, indestructible, or all-powerful, even if your character is a god. (Gods are fallible creatures too, and capable of being injured or killed.)

    [highlight]Important note[/highlight]: good and evil are not dependant on race. One can have a good Demon or vampire, or an evil (Fallen) Angel, etc. In Underworld, the basis is that anything with a soul can choose to be good or evil.

    Name: Walker
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Demon
    Appearance: Human in form; 6'2"; medium length brown hair, deep blue eyes
    Powers: Walker's powers are twofold. He possesses telekinesis, the power to move objects with his mind, and the power to wield and shape raw energy, typically blasting from his palms in the form of blue 'fire'.
    Weapons: Walker also carries a sword slightly similar to the Samurai style - long, and elegantly curved, with a two and a half hold handle. It is called Weaver.
    Backstory: Walker is a Demon in Human form. As such, he is thousands of years old and wields powers far beyond that of a common mortal. He fights against forces of evil, yet no-one knows his reasons. He bears great hatred for most everyone and everything. He has few known allies, and is as mysterious as they get. He tends to appear on different worlds without notice, seemingly just to fight evil beings or forces, and then disappears just as mysteriously.

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    Took me long enough

    Name: Janet Barker
    Age: 31
    Race: Dorian
    Appearance: Brown shoulder length hair, violet eyes
    Powers: Summoning of familiars
    Weapons: Skroo dagger
    Backstory: After a botched summoning ritual Lyn was transported from her world to Earth. That was twelve years ago. Going by the name of Janet Barker, struggling to accept her predicament and with the help of her not helpful familiar, Dor, Janet spends her time searching for a way back to the world of the Dorian.
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    Oh noes, Nibbs - I guess I didn't make it clear. The Underworld is just what I called it. It's still on Earth, in the same city. But the folks only come out at night! Sorry. I haven't been to sleep yet so I missed that out I guess.

    Edit, go go go!!!

    Great to have you on board though! :D
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    Let me get this's the Underworld but on Earth?
  5. Chaos

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    Aye. Think of it like...when the night comes, thats when a secret life springs out.

    Like...have you ever seen Angel? Or the film Constantine? Like that, a tiny bit.

    It's like there's a balance. The night is when the vampires and werewolves and banshees can come out with no fear of hiding, because if they find a helpless mortal...they're not gonna get away to tell everyone.

    Like....vampires don't want Humans to know they're real. :dunno: There is another world, which is where a lot of them come from, but the story itself is set on Earth, every night, in the same city. Think New York or Chicago at night, where a 'underworld' can come out while the sun's down. ;)
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    Name: Lyana
    Age: In her 2nd century
    Race: Changeling
    Appearance: Prefers the following forms: hawk, wolf and female teenager.
    Powers: Can turn into solid, liquid, gas and chemical reactions.
    Weapons: When in Human form, daggers.
    Backstory: Neutral mostly in her thoughts towards good and evil. Her preference changes at a whim just as she does.
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    Bump! For those who haven't seen this.
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    Name: Luna Sabo
    Age: 20
    Race: Human, at first. (bwahahaha you have to wait and seeee)
    Appearance: Her hair is black and she has green eyes. She is 5'5" and her hair falls to her shoulders.
    Powers: All will be revealed.
    Backstory: She is in law school when a tragic accident occurs... Well. Just read my fucking chapters. :D
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    Kay eeeeeee!!!! <3
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    Why is the lit game in the lounge?

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