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    Sign up here for the ALL NEW Lit. Game - La Familia!!

    La Familia is a Mafia topic. Set in a seedy yet thriving city (to be named) in which various Mafia Family's rule a crime underworld. Your character can be anyone from a police detective to a Mob Enforcer, from a Bagman to a Hitman - or even the Head of the Family himself (or his mistress :-o). There are multiple Mafia Families, so unless you confer with another player to choose to belong to the same Family, you can create your own.

    Go nuts!!

    (Feel free to add your own details as you see fit.)

    Family Name (if applicable):

    Multiple characters are allowed!!

    Name: Michael Sanford
    Age: 34
    Role: Police Detective
    Appearance: 5'11", with sandy hair and brown eyes; somewhat shabby looking, Michael's typical dress sense includes a suit pants, a crumpled looking shirt, a loose tie, and occasionally (when he's feeling dapper) a suit jacket. He always wears a shoulder holster for his firearm.
    Backstory: Michael originally joined the police force because he'd heard it was good pay and an easy ride on the beat. After saving an abducted girl from a well-known criminal, his easy ride hit a few bumps as he was bounced up to Vice, and he's been fighting the Families since. Determined, realistic, he knows how to get the job done - if it can be done. Michael is as straight as they come; he's never taken a bribe in his life, and he's not about to start now.

    Name: John Smith
    Age: Approximately 32
    Role: Professional Hitman
    Appearance: 5'10", dark brown, neatly cropped hair, and pale blue eyes. Immaculately dressed, Mr. Smith usually wears black or dark grey suits, with a white or pale blue shirt with a dark navy tie. Mr. Smith wears a discreet waist holster (for easy, quick reach). He has a remarkably average, forgettable face - somewhat useful in his line of work.
    Backstory: Almost nothing is known about John Smith - which is without a doubt a false alias - which is surprising, because the police forces of various cities and states have been searching for him for many years. One thing they do know is that he's a freelance hitman, and one of the best. He is also known, in the crime world, as 'Mr. Black' - a name spoken with respect and awe, and often fear. He's known to get the job done quickly and quietly - but also to react harshly to foul play on behalf of his employer...
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    Name: Mikey Brogan
    Age: 24
    Role: Mob Boss' Son
    Appearance: Tall, not very big, but with muscles. Brown hair, hazel eyes, scar across the cheek form a childhood fight.
    Backstory: Mikey has lived in the Irish Mafia life since he was born, his father being the Mob boss and all. His father has left for what could be as short as a few months, or as long as a few years, to take care of some work elsewhere, leaving him to command the Brogan family.

    (I'm still not 100% sure I'm doing this.

    So don't push it. xD)
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    I just [strike]raped[/strike] repped the shit outa you for this Kev.


    Remember, if you need any help with it or anything, I'm there for all the Lit. Gamers. :D
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    Man, I LOVE anything to do with the mob. But I am little confused, how exactly does this whole lit. game thing go down? If it seems like something I could do, I would defintely be down for this.
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    It's basically creative writing, Konsh. You pick a character, you write about him.

    It's one big thread, with everyone writing in it chapter by chapter. Everyone has a different, unique character(s). You pick your own plot, write whatever you want to write. Anything you want to do, you can. The only two rules are that you stick to the topic details (for example, it's all based in one city, so we'd all write out character IN that city - you couldn't change the name or the facts about it, etc), and you can't write about any of the other writers characters without their permission. HOWEVER, you CAN collaborate if you wanted to.

    This is the current game, if it helps:

    It's pretty simple, and fun too. It's like, several plotlines in the same story. Our characters never meet (unless you collaborate), and the stories all happen simultaneously. So imagine a movie with six or seven characters, each with their own plots and adventures or whatever the heck you want, all happening at the same time in the same city.

    It's just fun to write, and read the other stories.
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    Konsh, I hope you're up for this. :D
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    Name: Chi McBride
    Age: 34
    Family Name (if applicable): McBride
    Role: Hitman
    Appearance: Distinctively Asian with natural red hair and blue eyes. Average height of 5' 8" with long legs. Always casually dressed, he feels strangled in anything more formal than a golf shirt, but his bosses are willing to let that slide.
    Backstory: Born the son of an asian prostitute who serviced a prominant Lieutenant in the Irish Mob, Chi was naturally involved in the mob. His father adopted him after his mothers death delivering his young brother, and taught him the way of killing. Chi has never gotten logged into a police record, and is proud of keeping it that way. Chi uses assassination techniques that are flexible but always a demonstration, from gruesome, private deaths, from walking up to the mark in the middle of a street and blowing him apart with a 12 gauge. He can handle a drink and still handle a gun, and has mastered 4 martial arts to boot. Only one mark has survived his hands, and only because he was ordered to let him live.
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    Unfortunately I have to reject this profile on the grounds that it's way too similar to one another player has already been PMing me about for advice.

    MAg's been PMed about it.

    Sorry MAg. :sad:
  9. Chaos

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    Unfortunately I have to reject this profile on the grounds that it's way too similar to one another player has already been PMing me about for advice.

    MAg's been PMed about it.

    Sorry MAg. :sad:
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    Thanks Chaos. Sorry Mag, I submitted my profile to Chaos last night with a few areas that needed tweaking before I posted it here.

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