Listening To Pundits/Experts


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When you're watching a football, soccer, baseball, rugby or any sport match do you listen eagerly to watch the pundits and experts say about the teams and how they think the game will go?

What about the media, do you read the reports and opinions of the match writers?

For me I try not to get involved with the conjecture and wild opinions of the sports writers. I read alot of reports and I watch alot of analysis programmes but I try to just keep my mind on the action itself them meagerly arguing about who will win.

I do look at the form guides, I feel they give you a better insight into predicting a game, rather then listening to the experts who often get it wrong, they can only go by the same information we have.


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I enjoy listening to analysis for certain sports, but not so much "expert" predictions. My own predictions are usually at least as good as, if not better, than theirs.


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It depends who I listen to, some of these guys have no clue what they're talking about and it's very surprising that they have a job. But if I listen to basketball and I heard Jordan or Russell talking about the game I'll listen because they have the resume to prove that they are experts of the game.

Also like Echoes mentioned when it comes to predictions, I don't listen to anybody but myself.
Predictions from experts, commentators and pundits can be fun to hear. Whenever football plays on CBS I like hearing Shannon Sharpe or Bill Cowher say the Cowboys will win and then subsequently they get massacred by say, the Packers.

BTW I just thought up tow teams, I can't remember them making those choices.


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During the WC, I enjoy it when they compare pre-game predictions from "experts" or sports journalists in different countries. The bias is very clear and they can be hilarious.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Both "experts" on CBS picked Michigan State to beat North Carolina the other night. I had no doubt Carolina would destroy them.