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Listening to Music


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How often do you listen to music? I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority because I listen to it so infrequently. Sometimes I'll listen to it in the car but usually I just prefer audiobooks. The only time I really actively seek to listen to it is to entertain my kid with dancing around and singing or just because I have my random bi-monthly urge to listen to a bunch of music. I pretty much only do it in spurts. What about you guys?


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I have it on in the car all the time. I am fortunate to have Sirius Radio so I get all genre's of music from the oldies to the most popular. At home, hubby keeps the TV going 24/7 so there is no opportunity for music. It's funny because when we were dating we listened to music all the time.


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Used to be everyday but I've added podcasts and audiobooks to my rotation so it's been a little less frequent lately.

I mean music is great and all but if I'm stuck in rush hour traffic for an hour or a long road trip, I'd rather listen to something a little more engaging like a podcast or something.


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I listen to lots of music. Lots. I have all my life.

When I'm at home, I usually listen to music on the computer. I have headphones.

When I'm driving my car, I almost always have the radio on. And man do I like to change the stations a lot!

Lately, though, I've been listening to sports talk radio sometimes when I'm driving my car. However, I still listen to lots of music on the FM dial when I'm in my car.


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I listen to music most days. I listen to music anytime I'm driving somewhere I'll be in the car five minutes or longer. I listen to music at home when my wife isn't around because we have different tastes in music and she doesn't enjoy my music. Sometimes I'll use my earbuds when she's here but I prefer listening to music through speakers.

I almost always play music on one of my phones. I either play the music I've purchased on shuffle or I listen to Spotify to check out new artists and new albums or sometimes if I want to hear something specific I'll play it there instead.

Besides checking out new albums or artists I only listen to music I like. I've got almost 12,000 songs I like and if I listened to them 24 hours a day it would take me over 29 days to hear them all.


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i love music. i like rap. I can not go a day without it. at school i listen to it to focus and relax my fav artists are post Malone, nerd out, Roody rich, and many more that i can not rember of.


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Less so since I started listening to Stern in the car most of the time, but still as much as I can. While I'm browsing the internet, on low if I'm chatting with friends/gaming with them, and at work when I don't want anyone bothering me.