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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Irishone21, May 31, 2007.

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    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Global Warming: As circumstances get worse, we encourage people to drive less. If problems require immediate action, then change will occur. We could do three things if necessary; require everyone to drive a hybrid, raise gas prices, and, my decision, pay people to stay home and get to know their hometowns, encouraging them more sternly as time goes on, not to drive. Communication is the best way to incite the masses to action, and if done properly, we could get people to drive less... However, we will need to pay them to stay home, as oppose to drive every day to work. The people must be liberated before we remedy concerns of Global Warming.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Adoption: It should be the decision of the child bearer. We should recommend adoption, but we can not control the actions of society, trying to do so will only affect our nation adversely.[/FONT]
    Minimum Wage: It should be no less than $15 an hour... to compensate for inflation. Plus, this will help merge the growing dichotomy of the rich and the poor. There needs to be a candidate that demands a raise in minimum wage, for the workmen are so conformed to their working schedules and their daily chores that their ability to argue for a raise in their wage is hindered. They are so inept intellectually that they probably don't even realize the oppression of their low income.
    Immigration:We should seek to accentuate the beauty in other countries, so that America is equal in status to the rest of the world. Envy of our country is very dangerous, as it skews the judgment that other countries have on us. The global Revolution seeks to make countries equal. For this to happen, superior minded political jargon must not be used, as that only prolongs the lack of mutual understanding we have with other nations. When talking about immigration, we should allow them, as we, ourselves, were in the past, immigrants.
    Public Schools: Public schools will change slightly. Current affairs will be added to the classes. People will be giving a choice to take the classes that they desire. Demanding a well-rounded education decreases individuality. Someone who is gifted in English, or some one who is right brain oriented, should not have to learn complex math.

    NCLB: No child left behind has a religion connotation which implies that no child is left without eternal life. God chose the lost, for if they were not chosen, then they would be left behind. However, I think NCLB is not doing all it set out to do, and it should step up the effort to really assure that no child is left behind, or without proper education and exceptional shelter.

    Drug War: Legalization of marijuana would do a great deal of good to our country. Commerce brings people together, especially when done outside of the market. I don't know why polititians havn't brought this issue up. If it were legal, less people would be depressed and more people would be creative. However, if it were to be legalized, then they should teach people to use it in moderation. Illegalization of marijuana is depriving us of our liberty. Unfortunately, most polititians tend to equality before they tend to liberty for the advantages its brings are immediately felt. I'd rather live in a free nation than an equal one, but unfortunately, this is the age of uniformity, and the sheep don't realize they are being easily swayed by the tyranny of the majority.

    Torture: In no way do I advocate torture. I think that Quantanamo Bay is engaged in many divisive tactics when it comes to interrogating the prisoner of war. I think conversion of the prisoner should be stressed; therefore, they should be treated well, with royalty. We have to separate ourselves from the war mongrels, and by doing this, there is also a larger chance that they will release the information that they withhold. Publicly advocating torture also results in increased resent in other countries, therefore, making peace further out of reach.

    Liberty: The less government governs the more people will be able to enjoy their freedom and the less hostile they will be. Increased security is an obstacle that attacks our rights and, believe it or not, affects our disposition. Invasions of privacy cause people to live in fear, and as a result, they lose their values and become utter drones to the machine. Security must be relieved and the people must be liberated!

  2. Mr. Mustafa

    Mr. Mustafa Terrorist

    My political agenda? Seriously? Ok...

    Iraq: Allow the soldiers to actively persue and engage the enemy without prosecuting them for even glancing at a prayer rug or a Qu'ran (two sacred things that have no place in a battlefeild unless carried by a soldier of Islam) Force the new government to take control of their country, as well as the police and military forces, divide the country into seperate states (one section for Kurds, one for Sunni's, one for Shi'ites, one for Iraqi Christians, etc.) These people hate each other, and have been killing each other for a very long time. The civil war was in the making long before we arrived.

    Gay marriage: It can only be solved one way. Marital status effects the taxes you pay, so it must be recognized by the government as a legal union. The church does not have to, and cannot be forced to recognize the marriage because the seperation of church and state is a double edged sword. The church cannot tell the state what to do, just as the state cannot tell the church what to do.

    Immegration: Conquer the rest of Mexico, and declare it as a new state/province, as the Mexican government is too incompotent to keep their problems from becoming our problems.

    And if there's anything left over, commision NASA to build a base into the core of the moon that will serve as both a space station/research center, and a docking bay for future missions to Mars. (refueling after leaving the Earths atmosphere, obtaining supplies for astronauts on the approx. 7 month voyage, and a resting stop on the return to Earth so the Astronauts have time to relax and prepare for atmospheric re-entry, etc.)
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    I like the idea of separating their country, but they will still probably attack someone else’s grounds.

    We need to shed light on the fact that Allah is a God of peace, not a God of war. We need to talk with Muqtada Al Sadr, and work something out with him. We need to talk with other heads of militia, in efforts to resolve conflicts. In talking with militias, we shouldn't agree to give money if they are going to use it for war. We should give luxuries as violence decreases, as oppose to money, to reassure that they will not be using it for war.

    We need to set a time table for removing forces, behind the scenes, within six months. While we have forces there, we should be sending workers there to help rebuild their country. In addition, we should allow them more freedom, even with our forces there. We should work not as superiors, but as members of the Iraqi government, while we are there.
  4. ExpectantlyIronic

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    I'd like to think that I have no political agenda. If I had one then I'd be doing a terrible job at pushing it forward. Discussing politics in an internet forum or two doesn't do a whole lot.
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    It helps build leaders... How do you suggest we go about making change in an age where the individual is increasingly losing power, where people are generally apathetic, and where news papers are generally limited in opinion.
  6. Mr. Mustafa

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    Most likely, but I think they would be less inclined to do so.

    Actually, he's both. And to clear up the common misconception, Allah is not Gods name, it's an arabic word that roughly means "The one true God", Allah is just shorter, and to speak Gods true name is simply not allowed.

    Sadr perpetuates the sectarian violence in Iraq, he is an enemy to America, an enemy to Iraq, and an enemy to Islam and should be punished accordingly by true Muslims, as American action against him will turn him into a martyr.

    I agree that talking would be beneficial, but they don't like us, nor do they trust us. We have to give them the space they need to grow, while at the same time, we need to ensure that they are able to keep peace within their land. It's a very difficult task, but this idea is gaining decent results in Afghanitan.

    I dissagree, any time table for withdrawl is the wrong move. If we up and leave, the violence in Iraq will increase in great volume. Bench marks will be effective, if they're enforced, as the Iraqi government decides when we leave. They have to show that they can stand on their own, and we have to greatly improve our tactics and rules of engagement to ensure that Iraq can be a peacefull nation.
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    I just want to be free.
  8. ExpectantlyIronic

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    Write a book. Run for office. Otherwise, molotov cocktails are amusing, even if they aren't overly effective.
  9. Mr. Mustafa

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  10. ExpectantlyIronic

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    ... and a military coup works even better yet. So that's obviously the best way to bring about massive political change. Even wildly unpopular change. Then again, Harpers published an article last year about why a military coup wouldn't work in America. There go all my favorite fantasies of world domination...

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