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List of things that piss you off...


*profanity warning ;)*

-nerds who arent smart
-punk rock
-guys wearing skin tight clothes
-jeans with holes on purpose
-little 90 lb kids who act like they can beat your 180 lb ass
-teachers who have an attitude
-teachers using their positions to rub things in your face(eg: telling you she's "not your mother" after already repremanding you about leaving paper under the seat)
-when I cant take a shit
-waking up at 6am
-being hungry but wanting nothing around the house to eat
-cold toilet seats
-no paper
-when your ass squeezes mid-shit and cuts it in two making a very messy buttcrack
-when you just took the biggest shit in the world, get a big wad of paper to compensate and having NOTHING on the paper after wiping. WTF
-regular pencils(mechanical all the way)
-ugly grills
-girls that eat nothing
-wack songs on the radio that everyone sings at school
-wack producers who make basic repetative beats that go with the wack songs that everyone sings
-reverse discrimination
-reality tv shows
-untalented idiots who get loads of money(lot of music artists, lot of actors/actresses)
-boy bands
-girl bands
-people who write nonsense poems and think theyre the shit cus their poems make no sense
-writers who ive never heard of and we study them in school
-english class
-softcore porn
-when theres this super fine chick in a porno and then a guy comes in and takes his dick out. its like taunting you *haha im fuckin her not you* wtf how do you get off to that
-people talkin on a phone for 3 hrs
-girls with an attitude problem aka bitches
-gay guys who wear gay clothes and talk like the stereotypical fag
-ugly lesbians
-station wagons
-soccer vans
-soccer moms
-teens who get pregnant
-fat people
-anarexic people
-slow drivers
-people doing the speed limit
-trucks in the left lanes
-old people driving
-student drivers
-ugly cars that you have to look at the back of the whole damn trip
-sports cars doing the speed limit
-mini vans blowing you away XD
-those ghetto ass 10 inch plastic spinners
-huge rims on a small car
-tiny rims on a big car
-cars with shit falling off of them
-cars that stink
-cars with no lights, break lights
-ppl not usin turn signals
-ppl not doing rolling stops at stop signs on a deserted intersection
-ppl stealing your right of way
-peds crossing
-jay walkers
-cars with no subs
the list goes on lol


Registered Member
I only have one that I can think of right now.

-Republicans(Expescially George W. Bush).


When the server is busy!! gawd dangit! or when your computer lags like hell... lol. Other stuff too, but doesn't matter since this is computer world. :)


i have to many things that make me mad...george w bush for example.


nosey people. Especially the ones I dont know, who try to make themselves apart of my buisness.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There's a lot of things that piss me off, but there's one major thing and it's when my sports team doesn't win. If they don't make the playoff i'll freaquin pissed off. Sports is my life and when things are not going my way I get very mad.


Ms. Malone
There's a lot of things at the moment that really get on my last nerve but the biggest at the moment is my Motor Vehicle group! They're so damn noisey and i'm struggling as it is!!!
*goes to get some dynamite*
Kill the group ><!!!


Religeous Extremists

that's about it


The Super Pimp of GF
-emo kids
-girls who drive guys crazy becuase they dont know what they want and if a guys asks them out she makes him wait for a week then tells him no
-Nerds who are dumb
-When people call me gay
-Gay people who believe they can turn anyone gay
-Radical Obstinant Religious people
-Cops who dont follow their own rules (ie not wearing a seat belt)
-fat girls who dress sexy and think they look good
-Girls that are extremely hot and constantly say they are fat or ugly
-Houston streets (dont ask)
-car crashes
-people who cut in front of you and then go like 20 in a 40mph zone
-Beautiful girls who think they need to dress like whores to get attention
-Whiggers (grrr)
-MOST rap music
-People who Talk like this : OmG ThIs Is SoOoO AnNoYiNg I p3Wn3ed YoU!!!
-wanting some (insert food) and it not being in the house
- Boy/girl "bands" that dont play instruments
-many other things
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