Liquid Tension Experiment


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Liquid Tension Experiment is a rock/metal group started by Mike Portnoy the drummer of Dream Theater. The band consists of Mike Portnoy on drums, John Petrucci on guitar, Jordan Rudess on keyboard, and Tony Levin on bass/chapman stick.

These guys are amazing, they are like dream theater but without the shitty vocals of James LaBrie.

Here is my favourite song from them...
YouTube - Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift

Oh and btw, this is a chapman stick for those of you who dont know.
YouTube - One Cloud - Rob Martino, Chapman Stick

So, thoughts? comments? criticisms?


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I'm a big fan of Liquid Tension, and I feel EXACTLY the same about Dream Theater. Fire that singer already!!

You should check out a band called Thessera. They're a Brazilian prog band, sounding very similar to DT, but the singer is a lot more tolerable.

Oh and also, there have been rumors circulating for a while now that Portoy is supposed to start another side project with Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth and Steve Wilson of Porcupine tree. I am seriously hoping that comes into fruition.
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I checked out thessera...awesome! they do sound like DT and the vocalist is actually quite good.

That could be quite the group, i know portnoy wanted to stay away from DT members in LTE but so many guitarists turned it down he had to go with petrucci (which doesnt disappoint me), but im excited to see if that happens