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Music Lip singing at concerts


The return shall be legenday!
If you're attending a concert and the musician decides to lip sing for the betterment of putting on a show, do you leave angry or do you not care?


rainbow 11!
I would be pissed. I didn't pay out the ass to watch a glorified music video.


New Member
I'd be meh but lean towards pissed. I'm a huge fan of classic rock, 80's etc. Seen Kiss, Styx, Bryan Adams, Police, Genesis, Bon Jovi etc. 9 times out of 10 they're singing live, but when they do lip sync I don't notice because

A) I'm a little tipsy or

B) Me Bizzy and dickey are singing along at the top of our lungs so we don't really hear them lol


New Member
I don't think any of the music I'd see live would be able to lip singing but if they did I would be pretty pissed. I mean if I wanted to listen to the studio version I would have just said home and downloaded the albums.