Lions sign DE Vanden Bosch and WR Burleson


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Lions are doing everything they can do become the force they were during Sanders rookie year. Kyle will be a big help on defense as long as he doesn't get hurt.

Burleson may add a little bit of a threat but its not the biggest signing.


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Vanden Bosch will be a good addition to this defense, he's not the same player he once was but he can help the younger defensive players on this team.

When Burleson has his head screwed on right he's a better than average wide receiver. He should definitely relieve pressure off Calvin Johnson.


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They seem to have a good defense, but they just seems to all be going in a different direction for the Lions.


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The Titans are on a slippery slope. I hope they can re-tool that defense with Peppers, Robinson, and Dansby all off of the market.