Lions Rip a New One on Broncos


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Man what a game. I was able to watch the whole thing(thank god for living in the area). Most others that got the game got switched to another. The Lions absolutely dominated the Broncos today, winning 44-7. They would have had the shutout but the Broncos got a useless TD late in the 4th because the refs decided to keep calling anything and everything. That really makes me mad, but that's another story for another day.

The defense really stepped up today, getting 5 sacks and forcing 4 turnovers. And 2 of them were returned for touchdowns. One happened to be an INT by DT Shaun Rogers and the 350 lb big man took it to the house with a nice stiff arm at the end on Broncos RB Selvin Young.

This team is a different team. I've had the pleasure(haha) of watching the Lions my whole life. I hated seeing Millen coming in to control and he's done a horrible job up until this year. These 6 wins are the most any Lions team has had since Millen came to power which says a lot about him. Hiring Marinelli and getting Kitna were big additions, however, and they've really got this team turned around. If it weren't for those damned Packers, we'd be tied for first right now hah. Going to be a great second half of the season. GO LIONS!!!!!:clap:


I couldn't even believe the ass whooping they put on the at this point do they pack it in for the season or do they come out ready to compete this sunday?