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Link Between Climate Change and ISIS


Free Spirit
Staff member
But O’Malley’s comment isn’t as weird as it might initially seem. There’s an established body of work that draws a connection between drought, resource scarcity, and conflict in general. In a 2013 article forThe Atlantic, William Polk, a historian and former adviser to President Kennedy, noted a possible relationship between Syria’s civil war and devastating 2006-2011 drought. “As they flocked into the cities and towns seeking work and food, the ‘economic’ or ‘climate’ refugees immediately found that they had to compete not only with one another for scarce food, water, and jobs, but also with the existing foreign refugee population,” he wrote.

I had no idea Syria experienced a sever drought. That could very well contribute to a conflict, rise of extremist groups, especially a wide spread drought. Which I'm sure there were other factors like Assad.

One thing I would disagree with is that this couldn't happen in a place like Massachusetts or Sweden. You let a lengthy severe wide spread drought take place and things could change anywhere. Don't think no place is immune.