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Wii Line of death?????


Where is my Queen?
I just recently sent my wii to nintendo to fix my wii. For some reason my blue LED on the front kept on lighting up and my wii was really hot as if it was on for a while. I remember turning it off after everytime I played it. I am just wondering if any of you had this same problem. Nintedo told me it was a software issue.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've never actually heard of any Wii glitches, at all. That's really odd, but noting out of the ordinary. Did you play it a lot, or put it through some abuse?


Where is my Queen?
Well I did play it alot when I first got it. But it did not start happening until a couple of weeks ago.


I pwn noobs
hmmm thats kindof odd. I had the problem with my PS2 but not with any of my friends wii's so not really sure whats up with that maybe its just a one time deal and just your system.


Where is my Queen?
Yeah, I thought it was kind of wierd. Was wondering if it was only my system. It seemed wierd to me. Oh well, it is getting fixed. Hope they don't delete anything.


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yeah, I've never had Wii errors. The Blue led is made to light up if you have connect24 on though.