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Politics Limited Power of Government


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Does anyone read the Constitution regularly? I reference it on a regular basis when I'm having political discussion with someone (including people I agree with). I'm what you would classify as a Constitutional Conservative.

The Constitution was written to say what the Federal Government CAN do. Anything not specifically listed is not allowed and that power is either handed to the states or directly to the general populace. The Constitution also, obviously, limits state governments but not quite in the same way.

One of my favorite sections is the enumerated powers of congress. (Article 1, section 8).

It's clear that the founders wanted to limit the power of government to an absolute minimum. They knew what tyranny and government overreach meant and wanted to prevent it at all costs.

I want to propose that the founders would be absolutely disgusted with America today and I mean deeply offended and seriously pissed off at the crap hole of a country we've decided to turn America into. We've gone so far off base for what they had envisioned for the country.

With the level of taxes, the level of corruption, the tyranny of the government, and the blatant disregard for the constitution; there can be absolutely no doubt, they would be going to war to strike down such a government and try again at building a free society.