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Limited Editions


aka ginger warlock
I have never really seen the point of limited editions. I have bought special edition DVDs etc such as the tenth anniversary of Clerks as it had a lot of extras but special editions are not something I care about. I guess for me it simply doesn't matter, I don't buy things to think "I have something someone else doesn't" or that I am part of an elite club and I am not saying this is thought process of people who do buy them.

Do you tend to bother with them? I know people who seem to love buying them mainly for films and sometimes clothing and music but is it something you care about? Does it matter to you that you have something that someone else may not have?


I'm a sucker for these sometimes. Collectors/Limited/Special Editions of games, books, movies etc. I have quite a few of them. I especially like collector's editions of video games when they comes with collectible statues.


Sally Twit
Nah, I always shop by the lowest price. I buy a lot of used DVD's because I don't care about the condition. If the cheapest option happens to be limited edition, then it ends up in my basket. I don't go looking for them, though.


Well-Known Member
I like true limited editions. If the price is outrageous or if I already have something though, I won't bother getting it.

Off of the top of my head I have a few limited edition Zelda cartridges, that's it. :lol: (unless you count a few very rare coins)


Nah. I don't care about Limited Editions. The bonus stuff that comes along with it usually isn't worth the extra money I have to pay for it.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'll usually only buy video game limited editions, unless you count the occasional special cover comic book release. I'll buy the former if it's from my favorite various series of games and the bonus is worth the price. The most recent Mortal Kombat I got it, and it came with some in-game perks as well as Scorpion and Sub-Zero bookends which are amazing lol. With the latter, I'll only buy a limited cover release if I'm already a huge fan o the comic and the style or artist really appeal to me.

I guess you can count bonus-track music to this too, I'll do that a lot for extra songs on an album unless they're just live cuts.