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3ds Limited Edition Nintendo DS Lite


Registered Member
I heard that tomorrow Nintendo is coming out with a limited edition nintendo ds lite that comes in red and back, includes big brain academy 2 and a cary case, all for $149.99. I think that's a really awesome deal and I'm so tempted to get one.


Secret Agent
Staff member
None of these special editions DS's are any good for people who already have one. :(

I have the original and I'm quite happy with it. I prefer it over the Lite anyway due to the fact that it feels like I'm actually holding something. The Lite just feels too thin to me.


Registered Member
I already have the DS lite. The DS was a bit bulky to me. THe DS lite is, in my opinion, a better fit in my hands. I have dinky hands so I like the less weight to it is a relief in my opinion. I just don't need another DS Lite.


Well-Known Member
I prefer the original size because my hands don't fit on the Lite. Plus I already have a DS and don't need another one.