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Xbox 360 Limbo


Registered Member
Limbo is a new game that has come out for the Xbox Live Arcade.

You're a small boy in a strange dark world, attempting to get out.

It's a puzzle game, with some very dark death sequences.

YouTube - Limbo - Treacherous World Gameplay | HD

I have to say, I really love this game. The way that you first come upon a puzzle, think "that's fuckin' impossible." and then after a few attempts, you finally do it and you're like "..Shit, alright." What I say in between is a bit worse..

I'm stuck on what part of the last section at the moment, but I've only been attempting to pass it for 10 minutes, so I think I'll get it soon.

Anyone have it? Tried the trial game? Like it?


"Expect the unexpected"
Limbo looks like another interesting puzzle game, like Braid and PB Winterbottom (two great puzzle games) and hopefully it would be just as good and successful.


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I finished it earlier today.

The ending definitely left it open for the sequel. You come upon a little girl playing on the ground, and as you get closer, you stop and she looks up. As soon as she looks up the screen goes black and the credits roll.

Great game, other than the length. But can't expect much of that, it's only an arcade game.


Haters gonna hate.
I am certainly looking forward to eventually downloading Limbo and playing the hell out of it in one afternoon. The story and atmosphere look second to none.


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Just downloading it at the moment, looking forward to playing it shortly.


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I downloaded the trial, and I really liked it. There were quite a few moments that made me jump just in that first part because I wasn't expecting something. I'll definitely be getting the full game at some point.