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Like a scrotum, here it is in a nut shell


The Hierophant
Someone really needs to change this back to Genital Forum.


Registered Member
I'm not sure how I feel about the adjective "shell" in this instance


Registered Member
This always happens when I click on things with "scrotum", "genital", or "nut" in the title... LMAO! :lol: But yeah, I like "genital forum" better. :D


Registered Member
I like the title sickening torture, it inspired my CO & Smilin' thread!


still nobody's bitch
it's infinitely better than Spiders Web, but Genital Forum was the winniest name evar.


I ♥ Haters
lol @ Bliss.

I'm in favor of Sickening Torture over "Spider's Web" any day. But yeah, Genital Forum = WIN. I'm also in favor of Lollerskating Rink because it sounds funny.