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I ♥ Haters
I don't usually listen to Pop music much, since I'm more of a Ramones, BOC kinda person, but lately I actually have been listening to it (thank you, muchmusic, you piece of crap). One of my favorite pop artists right now has to be Lights. I actually had a chance to see her perform live during the 2010 Games. I was sifting around the forum, I didn't see any threads on her, so I'm assuming most people outside of Canada have never even heard of her. Here's a couple of my favorite tracks from her:

YouTube - Lights -Ice (K-OS Remix)

YouTube - Lights - Drive My Soul w/ Lyrics

YouTube - Savior Lyrics by Lights

YouTube - Lights - The Listening


Haters gonna hate.
Never heard of her ever. Must be afraid to come to the states...

I do like Drive My Soul, but she really isn't quite my type.


rainbow 11!
Love her! I think I made a thread a while back, but it should be super old and closed. But yeah, I think she has a song named River, but there are like four songs I like by her!