Lightning Strikes Teenager Listening To iPod

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    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- A teenager who was hit by lightning over the weekend talked about his close brush with death Thursday.

    Jason Bunch was mowing the lawn and listening to his iPod at his home in Castle Rock in the 3200 block of Cherry Plum Way on Sunday when he was struck.

    He was taken to the hospital and was then put into the intensive care unit. Bunch recovered and was released from the hospital.

    "I woke up and blood was coming out my ears," Bunch, a Douglas County High School senior, said.

    Bunch has large scars on his feet and smaller burn marks on his hands.

    "From where the iPod was, it damaged my hearing and it ruptured my eardrums. Where the cord was, it burned me all down my body," said Bunch. "We need to shave my head because my hair is like dreadlocks. It's all sticking together."

    "I'm just extremely blessed to be alive," he said.

    Warning Issued Recently

    It was just two weeks ago that doctors in London warned of the dangers of listening to an iPod or using a cell phone during a thunderstorm.

    The doctors said having such devices near your head when hit by lightning can result in even more severe injuries. The metallic devices and wires could act as a conductor, causing potentially lethal internal injuries, the doctors wrote in a letter to the British Medical Journal.

    They cited the case of a teenage girl who was using a cell phone in a London park who was hit by lightning and received very severe injuries. The 15-year-old girl later became wheelchair-bound. She has cognitive, emotional and physical problems. She also had a badly perforated eardrum in her left ear.

    When a person is struck by lightning, the high resistance of human skin usually results in lightning being conducted over the skin rather than through the body -- a process known as flashover.

    But Dr. Swinda Esprit said in the letter that conductive materials in direct contact with skin such as metallic objects -- like a mobile phone or iPod -- disrupt the flashover and result in internal injury with a greater risk of dying.

    There were other similar cases in Malaysia in 1999, South Korea in 2004 and China in 2005. The people died in all three cases. The authors said there were no previous reports in medical journals.

    "All these events resulted in death after the people were struck by lightning while using their mobile phones outdoors during storms," they wrote.

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  2. SenatorB

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    I think if you get hit by lightning, you're pretty lucky to be alive as it is...
  3. Hoosier_Daddy

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    I can see why they say that the conductivity of the device would deterr displacement of the charge, but the likelyhood of being struck at all is not increased by using an ipod.

  4. Kyo_Muramasa

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    Common sense would of told the person not to have electronics near u out during a thunderstorm, I was even taught that when I was small >>; To me it's his own fault he got struck by lighting, not trying to be mean or anything but it's true. But he is lucky to be alive, it's a certain warning to tell him never to do that again. Things with electricity is bound to attract the lighting to u, so like y was he cutting grass out during a thunderstorm in the first place?!
  5. Blur

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    No, common sense would tell the person not to be friggin mowing the lawn in a thunder storm...why would you be out there period
  6. Sephiroth_Masamune

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    Seriously, listening to an Ipod doesn't intrude upon your vision to see lightning, rain, or darkening skies around you...

    I highly doubt it increased his chance of being hit's just one of those things that is bound to become common. I mean, if someone's going to get hit, what are the chances they are going to have an Ipod or Cell Phone? The numbers are increasing for people who own these devices.
  7. Vidic15

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    I have read too much stories about people getting hit by a thunderstrom while having a device with them

    1) I always carry my Mobile Phone with me, but when its thunderstrom, I leave it at home,

    2) Same thing with IPOD, I rarely listen to it,

    And there arent many thunder storms here

    And That boy was a lucky one to survive...Thats just a luck
  8. Kyo_Muramasa

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    U leave ur phone at home with it's thundering -_-; What if something happened to u and u needed to call someone? U wouldn't have a single way of communication, I mean u can still carry it around while it's lighting just turn it off, it's that simple isn't it? Even I do that.

    uh hmm...he was very lucky cause I am still wondering y he didn't go inside, it was almost as if he was asking to get shocked out there in the middle of a thunderstorm listening to an Ipod and mowing the grass, the grass could have waited, it wasn't going anywhere! ><;
  9. Ant On A Log

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    I think the article was just saying that in the chance you're hit by lightning, having on an ipod or talking on your cell phone will make it more dangerous due to the increase in conductivity they provide.

    Sucks for the kid, but, you know, most of these accidents are preventable by using common sense. Or maybe it couldn't have been avoided and this kid is just unlucky. Either way, sucks for him.
  10. I think before you go outside in a weather situation like that, you shoud not forget to bring your common sense with you

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