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Light/Heavy sleeper?


Are you a light or a heavy sleeper?
Do you wake up when someone walks into your room or when they move in bed?
Do you move too much when sleeping?
When you wake up is it easy to go back to sleeping or it takes a lot for you to fall asleep again?

I'm an extremely light sleeper. If you breath or open up your eyes, chances are I'll wake up...let alone when you get into my room.
I move several times in bed and I dislike it when the other person does it too. Thank God I fall asleep soon after that.


still nobody's bitch
I'm a very light sleeper, I usually wake up at least 2 times every night. Most nights I don't have trouble getting back to sleep, but some nights I'll lie awake for an hour or two, which I hate.

I used to be a really super heavy sleeper. I was practically comatose


Internet Dig Dug
I'm typically a heavy sleeper, the only thing that get's me is some form of light, that usually wakes me up rather earlier than I would like to some days, and can keep me from getting sleep unless I'm about to pass out from exhaustion.


Where is my Queen?
I used to be a heavy sleeper before I started school, but for some reason since I started school, the ruffle of the leaves outside will wake me up. It is very easy for me to go back to sleep when I do wake up. And when somebody walks into my room while I am sleeping it feels like that I jump out of bed. Also the ladies say that I like to talk in my sleep.
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I am a very light sleeper, some doubt I really ever sleep at all. I can wake up to a cat meowing outside, to the heat when it kicks on, to a light cough coming from my granddaughter. I can hear the home phone when I am in my bedroom, and it's located 3 rooms down the hall! And I don't sleep well at all. Not many hours either, probably 3 or 4. But sometimes medicines will make me sleepy and I have been known to fall asleep on the sofa, but any light commotion and I am awake right fast.


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With me it kind of depends. Depends on what stage of sleep I'm in. There are times when something or someone can easily wake me up and then other times I'll sleep right through a huge thunderstorm.


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Considering i've slept through a 7.1 earthquake, i'm going to go with i'm a heavy sleeper. Although, sometimes I wake up to the littlest things. I'm usually good to go back to sleep if I don't open my eyes, which is usually a challenge because I want to know what the time is.


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I'm a really heavy sleeper. I can sleep through just about any noises. My mom sometimes asks me if I heard the thunderstorm the night before, and I'm always like, "There was a thunderstorm?" And she'll say it was really loud. *shrug*

Sometimes if I do wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason though, I'll be wide awake and have trouble going back to sleep.


Mark ov teh Pond
Heavy sleeper. You have to be when you live in a basement, like I do. I can hear all the footfalls, pretty much any noises made throughout the house. I sleep through them all.

Then again I also have a light bladder, so if I drink anything an hour or so prior to going to sleep I'll wake up 2-3 times during the night to urinate. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.


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I'm a light sleeper till I fall deep asleep. Then I'm a normal sleeper and will wake up if there's some noise.