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Lifetime Forehead Advertising


Well-Known Member
I need help with my forehead advertising auction. Sounds crazy but I want to go for it. In the other thread I said that I was calling it quits but my friend Homer told me to do one last auction before calling it quits for awhile. This is what I have so far:

Hello and welcome. You are bidding on a chance to advertise your business on Homer's forehead for a lifetime. Homer has heard about the Forehead guy who sold his forehead for ad space for $37,375 and wanted to do the same thing except that he wanted to do it for a lifetime. Homer and I hang out a lot. When I was at the hospital having heart surgery, I asked my mom to bring Homer along and he got a lot of attention from the nurses when we were walking down the hallway. Homer made his first appearance back in November when we were at a convention at a hotel. Of course, he stole the show. Homer and I will be attending 2 conventions this year and he said that he wanted to get the word out about your company. He says that he will advertise your company where ever he goes. Airplanes, hotels and other public places where there are a lot of people. Homer knows he can attract a lot of attention with the forehead advertisement. He also told his twin brother to get into the action and he agreed. So the winning bidder will have 2 Homers advertising on their foreheads for a lifetime. Homer is a nice guy and said that he will give some of the money to me to help pay for my medical bills. Homer said that the winning bidder will receive a picture of the ad on his forehead.

I don't have the picture of Homer yet but will put it on the auction. I am just trying to tie this in to help pay for my medical bills. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.