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Lifetime Best Friends


Registered Member
I heard once that a person has a least 5 best friends in a lifetime. That being said, I have to find a few more. So far, I have found only 3 that have my back at any given moment. How many do you have?


Registered Member
Certainly not 5. I have a lot of good friends but not 5 best friends! I have 3 best friends too. They are all from different points of my life. I'm not looking for 2 more though.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would say I have two best friends right now, my brother being my closest one, and then I have about another four to five very close friends.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Lifetime I'd say I've had a few, maybe? I still have a couple of close friends from childhood and elementary school, but that group has naturally spread out over the years and seen each other less. @Millz is my best buddy - that son of a bitch - and in our case we got in touch about 5 years after we went to high school together and started hanging out. It wasn't necessarily because any other friends became enemies, it was just kind of how things moved on in life.