Life's little facts


Certified Shitlord
As we travel through life, we have all learned numerous things. So let us gather our knowledge and pool it into a thread! I'll start off with a few additions to get things rolling:

Life Fact #1: Love at first sight is a Hollywood falsity, complete bullshit

Life Fact #2: If it looks like Ham, smells like Ham, and tastes like Ham, it probably isn't Ham

Life Fact #3: Unfortunately, the guys with the larger wangs and women with the bigger busts are more successful

(For those of you who are of a greater intelligence and can't decipher the instructions and are still lost, just post a life fact you have come up so far in yours)
Life Fact #10: Despite what teen movies tell us, the geek wil NEVER get the girl.

Life Fact #11: If a politician says it, it's only becasue you wanted to hear it. To anyoe else, he/shw would say the opposite.