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Life's building block found on meteor.


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SPACE.com -- Life's Building Blocks Found on Surprising Meteorite

After reading this, I believe science will soon learn exactly the how and why of life here on earth. Though I am sure religion will condemn, ignore or cry fallacy to this information but I believe science seeks truth and knowledge, and to me this is just that.

I would like to hear comments of your thoughts?


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Im not surprised by the finding, Im of the opinion lifes building blocks are in abundance in the universe, also considering the Earth is a collection of space debris it makes sense that is the basis for origin.


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The dust to which we return is taken way too seriously and out of context. This dust is the components that make up our universe. We just so happen to be built of these components that make up our universe. They also say they found the building blocks to our way of life in Africa.

I don't condemn this because really, building blocks for our way of life is all around us in the universe. Just so happens there are more of it found on that meteor.


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This is def exciting! :) The Cassini spacecraft detected large molecules in Titan's atmosphere (a moon of Saturn) and the experiments they did made amino acids.
Did Life Fall from the Skies? Lessons from Titan - NASA Science
But that's a theory and experiments but that meteor in Sudan is real! :D And if that can happen here then it prolly happens in other places in the Milky Way and other galaxies too!
Thanx for the link! I def wanna keep checking that and see what happens with the gas-phase experiments! :)