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Lifechanging Show: Dog Sees God (Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead)


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This is both a theatre topic and a divisive issue topic... but because it was a theatre experience, I decided to put it here.

Recently, my community college put on a show called "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead." The basic story is the Peanuts gang have grown up. They are in their teen years and in high school. Snoopy has died of rabies and as a result, C.B. (or Charlie Brown) is seeking answers about what happens to us (or at least... dogs) when we die?

The gang has changed. Linus is a pot-smoker, Lucy is in an asylum for setting the little red haired girl's hair on fire, Sally is suffering from an unsureness about her identity, Pigpen has become C.B.'s best friend but if you come close to calling him Pigpen, he might murder you, so best to call him Matt, and Marcy and Peppermint Patty have become super skank-slut best friends.

SCHROEDER on the other hand has been made an outcast by his peers. They shout slurs at him for being a "fag." And he just hides in the music room to practice piano (which he's gotten even BETTER at).

C.B. and Matt are Schroeder's biggest bullies. But one day C.B. comes to his senses and just talks about Snoopy's death to Schroeder... while in the music room they kiss. And C.B. from there on out sticks up for Schroeder and their relationship progresses and they end up being each others firsts.

Matt is C.B.'s best friend, and a homophobe (though, it's questionable whether or not he's actually just in love with C.B. and trying to cover it by acting as a gay-basher). When Matt finds out about them being so close, he threatens to kill Schroeder and slams his hands in the piano key lid. Breaking them a few times over. The next scene? Curtain opens? The gang is in peer counseling but Matt and Schroeder are missing. Schroeder has KILLED HIMSELF and Matt has a week of suspension from school.

NOW: Maybe it's just where I grew up, but we didn't have a lot of problems like this in my school. The homophobes were just quiet about it. They didn't pick on the gays, they just didn't talk to them. We had many gay kids in our school that never had these sort of problems.

I know it happens, but since seeing this show? I couldn't help but get angrier and angrier about the troubles that gay people have to go through. How teenagers are killing themselves because they have to go through such torture... How can ANYONE be okay with that? How can anyone justify provoking someone to kill themselves for ANY reason?

In divisive topics would be the place to talk about this with you guys, but I guess my questions are:

1) Have you ever seen this show? Has it affected you? Or made you more aware of the troubles that some homosexuals have to go through?

2) Have you seen ANY show that has affected you in such a way that it made you think about its subject matter for days? If so, give titles and post a bit about it!


This sounds like an amazing play. It's actually been on my "to-read" list for ages haha.

You went to a very calm high school, if all the homophobic people did was avoid the homosexual ones. I've heard horror stories and seen some terrible things akin to what you saw onstage.

I've seen a few shows that forced me to think for several days afterwards. The Faith Machine (written by Alexi Kaye Campbell, performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London) was one of them, Jerusalem (currently on Broadway) was another. I saw them both while I was in London and part of our assignment was to keep a journal about the plays we saw. I wrote extensively about both of them, and I don't keep journals very well in general. I just had a lot of thoughts haha.