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Life-Size Hot Wheels Jump


Registered Member
Stunt driver Tanner Foust prepares to jump 332 feet in the air before the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500.
Video: Life-Size Hot Wheels Car Completes World Record Jump | Playbook

I barely have words for this. The physics calculations must have looked crazy on paper. The engineers spent over a year building the ramp. "You want to jump how far and at what angle?...Do you want the local mortuary to be your sponsor?" :lol:


Son of Liberty
not gonna lie, that was pretty fuggin cool.

towards the end I thought it was gonna go ass over tea kettle but alas it was a solid landing with an even better braking spin to net the landing.

Two thumbs up from this goat.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
That was just insane beyond words. I definitely was holding my breath while he was in mid-air, haha...and like Steg said, the physics of that jump? Damn.