Life psychology. somewhat...


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My life... is sort of a jumbled mess. I'm an extreme school nerd. hahaha... most of the times I'm completely anal about my schoolwork. But most of the times, I despise doing schoolwork.
Also, I always get angry at people who assumes that i'm completely retarded/stupid/pathetic doesn't know anything and those who disrespect me. I'm living my life, trying to win the respect from my peers (whether it be excelling in programming, calculus, debate skills, funniness....).
Out of school life, I'm basically using my peer mediation skills nearly everyday to solve the umm... conflicts between my mother and my sister.
Then there's my personal life, aka relationships... I usually make people laugh by standing out in the crowd. By doing things that no-one else would muster up the courage to do so. Such as, silencing the cafeteria with a booming voice or making your voice heard in a heated discussion amongst random students.

And so, here are my questions.
1. To cope with the massive amounts of schoolwork to do, I usually force myself to enjoy the work I hate. Being overly-optimistic in other words. Will that cause any mental problems for me?
2. My friends... or... maybe... helpful, friendly peers insult me constantly. Telling me to "STFU" or "GTFA" Recently, one of my "supposedly" friends starts to ripping on me... everyday... What should I do? I still want there respect and friendship, and yet they still depend on me for school/etc. And essentially, those friends compose most of the friends that I have at school.
3. My personal life is killing me. The conflicts between my mother and sister is so depressing. Then there's the fact that I desire to have a good relationship with an awesome (by awesome i mean, sympathetic, sweet, kind, smart, athletic, has a sense of humor, hygenic, etc.) girl. Someone that I might be able to embrace everyday for some period of time and forgot all these troubles that i have. Any advice on finding such a person?