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Life lessons you learned the hard way.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
This topic could go for a while..

It's pretty simple, just say what you learned the hard way.

I learned that the cathode (I think) in the back of a monitor holds a charge long after it's unplugged. Screwdrivers aren't it's closest friend.

Also, just because something's hot doesn't mean you should touch it.


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I can definitely see this thread being popular and going on for a while.

I've learned that whenever you think you're really great at something and start feeling good about yourself for it, there's always someone better, and sometimes that feels like a swift kick to the junk. The life lesson here is to never get too high on yourself.
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A big one for me is that no matter how optimistic you are, things don't always turn out as you planned. Not that that's always a bad thing. If you had asked this question 10 years ago, I'd probably have just ignored it. People grow up and mature. It takes maturity to realize that life is just unpredictable sometimes.
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I learned that when I worry over little things, I turn a little problem into a little problem, thus causing anxiety and guilt to form inside myself. The best thing to do is be the best you can be and try to enjoy the things you like until something pops inside your mind telling you that something may not be right.


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Let's see, Fire and paper towers don't mix well, don't try to grab something out of a stove without proper hand protection. There was also this one time where I added every spice that we had to what I was cooking (including 4 different types of garlic and some various seasonings) and it didn't turn out all that well and in fact was one of the worst things I've ever tasted.


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I have had many hard lessons over the years.
First of which would be never,under any circumstance, trust anyone when working with electrics, cause I have had many people turn on the switch while im working on there sign.

Another one for me is do not trust your elder brother when you have been winding him up all week, for he will take revenge in your local pub.

When you have kids the floor can become a massive trap if you dont concentrate on where your walking.


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Not to trust easily.

That hit me hard, again and again and again until I became closed and super cynical. I've opened up a bit and I'm not so 'screw humanity' anymore but it's left its mark.