Life is a Paradox: Mania is like Salt (don't read and ignore)


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Life is a Paradox: Mania is like Salt

This is a double illusion, but single vision. Meekness has the Power to Save and it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Perfection is flawed in one sense; on the other hand, Perfection is empty and malevolent if feared and Omnipotent and Benevolent if Loved.

I refuse Bi Polar medication, for those chemicals are poisons to Me, albeit this statement is subjective. I found the Meaning of Life last night, Trust Me; Bi Polar is a Gift. Mania deserves Respect, not jealousy; depression, Tolerance, not repulsion. God makes Men out of Children, not Woman out of Me. (predetermined accident) If the two swords will not cooperate, the divine right of kings must return.

I wish Chris understood, I feel guilty when I call Him for Marijuana, I’m proud of Him, nonetheless. #44

And #8, #5, and Others Forgave…

“Pray for those who hurt You”

“The Truth must be heard, the Sheep must B-Saved”

Represent (music)
à [#21, #10, #9, #7, #11, #13, #23, #1, #3] As well as Buddha, the founder of the eternal rule: Hate will always empower Love (and unfortunately rule);Ga Ga and Pac, Mom Mom and Pop Pop, both Testing and On The Boat; God our Father, Jesus our Teacher; Dad, the smartest Child I know (I Love Him, and so do You) ; Mom, who is tough enough to raise Us (that is impressive); plus Everyone.

Jay Mick: It is Funny but Your Alter Ego is the Real You; Jordan McBride is the Child Within You. Until you realize you this, your freedom will be an illusion. You can be a King, or a slave; to let your childish whim take control, and try to fulfill your dream of being “da masta” will imprison you, but to repent, and care about others, believing the positive aspects of your supposed alter ego, will extricate you, and awaken you from your slumber. Its not that a sociopath has no soul, emotion or conscience he/she just lost one, two, or three of these aspects of his character, leaving him/her feeling empty. As a result he/she no longer believes in Love, not matter how many, or who loves them... Thus they find enjoyment in enticing sheep to their land of no direction so they will no longer be alone. They cherish distance and mock intimacy for they believe that in doing so they are more real, strong, or unique than those who fall back on the support of others. Their pride acts as an insurmountable obstacle for the remedy they fear will constrain them. If you swallow your pride, you will find the key, and conquer your obstacles, but if you hold onto your hatred, you will be dependent.

Men work, children play… During work, be a man, during play, be a child, avoid work, and you are a sloth. Jealousy may strengthen the objects of jealousy to reinforce the sentiment of the jealous. Envy yields resent. To be admired yields followers or companions. A leader is admired and through communication gets his people to reach their highest potential and/or cooperate; a ruler is envied, and through laws, false idols, and coercion gets his people to submit, abdicate and/or compete for pseudo prosperity. Ones nature is a choice in which the answer is known by all, but followed by few.

- Insanity is a stigma and a matter of judgment, not a Truth.

Goals of Revolution:

(1) Merge ALL Dichotomies; prove wrong the power of the dollar.
(2) Achieve Security, without sacrificing Value.

+ A Leader is a servant to the People.

+A Leader is an Open Book.

+A Leader finds Liberation in (not is) Prison, Enlightenment in Exile

A. Three aspects to leadership (1, Lead by example, 2, Positive Reinforcement, 3, Mutual Understanding)

B. Reciprocal Communication is the Key to Resolution

C. The Revolution creates a System of Leadership, not a Government; the former Leads, the latter rules. The Empire focuses too much on Primitive Power, like military power, and the Art of War; The Revolution emphasizes Advanced power, such as diplomacy, and the Principles of Peace; the former slavery, the latter Freedom.

JOIN LIFE; A 21st Century Brotherhood as old as time Heaven is not a hierarchyà O. Philosophy is the most important, or more sensible, most exigent, but least appreciated, Hobby/Job.

“Believe in Magic”

“Love cannot be measured”

“Believe in Heaven on Earth, and get Them to as well, for You as well as Them are Leaders”

“You can’t cure a Beautiful Mind”

-(Even) (the government) (will have) (trouble) (under) (standing) (this)à The Family Code is Brilliant. I use to write backwards, like Da Vinci, but I conformed or rebelled, like usual; sooner of later, they must conform, not change, for my position is centered and it is vital that They meet Me here, so God can meet Us. If I drown, You must get The World to Save Me, for I saved The World in vain, and I won’t sell The World in folly; I will only Share The World in Joy, which is Wisdom.

*Keep Your Crown, and Help Them Save Theirs”

Rush (#21) New World Man

(Only a select few understand the significance of the Code, and the synchronicity of The Song, for irrationality is Our Spirituality, just as this is a return to Practical Idealism; if You see, Open Their Eyes, for that is Your Mission. You don’t realize this, but You helped bring God back to Life, from the perspective of Children, and will continue to do so, so long as You shun fear. The true founder is God, and to God, WE must swallow our pride)

“A heart of stone, can turn to clay” (JACK FM)

“This stigma of bipolar is a defense mechanism that avoids the complications of contemplation. Instead of soaking in my frame of mind, people brush over the content and expose the flaws, rather than the possibilities and exigencies of what is being discussed. It is rather disheartening.”

“Why do I have to be an attention whore? If you had deep thought, would you keep it to yourself, or share it? I do seem hopelessly self-absorbed though, that is why I try to entice others to find me, and conform to my standards in terms of cooperation and Love, for in doing so, I will join society, and considering I am the chosen one, so will God.

If you knew what I knew, wouldn’t you do the same? Who was it that said silence was cowardly? Abraham Lincoln, correct?

And stop thinking I'm bragging about being the chosen one, for that is not so. I am modest, and do not consider myself more worthy than any of you. I was lost, I believed since day one, and I began searching; that is all. I am not luckier than you. Yeah, I am happy that I am Loved by God (so are you) but I am also lonely and confused for I can't get others to realize what I know, and do not know what to do, for everyone claims I am delusional. My responsibility isn't easy, and I stumble as much as anyone, if not more.”

“One can be intelligent and blind, and enlightened and unlearned…”


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“I can’t help but blame the government, what else would I blame, the rise of the machines? I enjoy this nonetheless, and unlike other revolutionaries, I support our government. My contempt for them is my American Spirit. The minority that created and continues to maintain the status quo does not respect the majority. The majority is manipulated; I am discredited. I am the real minority, for I shun the art of war, which advocates primitive (hard), not advanced (soft) power. Whoever has targeted me is unrelenting and childish. You wouldn’t understand or believe me unless what I struggle with happened to you. However, just so you know, I have the best day of my life almost once a week, so contrary to popular belief; I am not miserable, just occasionally lonely. There is more to me than meets the eye and I’m not as crazy as I sound. Maybe since I suggested the ends and neglected the means you figured I would skip gradual change? I am prudent enough to realize that extreme measures will cause radicalism, not prevent it, deception, division and vulnerability, not security. A countervailing coalition is likely if people come to their senses. (I don’t support this, but understand it may be in the cards if we don’t take proper steps) I am the only member of the Revolution thus far. None of us are united. I feel as though others use the same tactics that subjected him or her in the first place, which is initiating a war that cannot be won. I realize conspiracy theorist and enemies of the government only discredit me. I realize their tactics will only cause confusion and disorder. Some of which realize this, and still refuse to change, as violence and destruction is what they fancy, like puppets that believe they are in full control. I am different. I try to get others to plan Revolution merely so we are noticed, and our opinions accounted for. I try to unite them, so we are respected, not mocked and treated like commodities or sheep. I try to make them understand that the current status of our country can and must be improved, and it is our responsibility to demand this. War with another country is no excuse for unjust espionage and domestic negligence. What steps have we taken to get out of war? Is Condoleezza Rice our peacemaker? Don’t they realize we need a Son of God? And who is our ambassador? An ambassador must be a spiritual diplomat, not a conformed follower. Have we attempted to merge any dichotomies? (Which are worse than ever before in the history of the world) Don’t misinterpret me, I understand there must be gradual change, but thus far, no candidate is truly fit for the leadership our country needs. Even Ron Paul has not reached out to the victims of our government as an ally. Isolationism and unilateralism are not options. You are right about one thing, currently, I’m not stable enough to be president, but that doesn’t mean I am incapable of making change, nor does it imply I should be ignored or viewed as a disruption. Those who are stable enough just aren’t emotional enough, nor do they understand the need to overcome evil with good (as chimerical as this sounds). Love cannot be faked. Than again I’m irrational and according to my loving society, ill, so why listen to me…

My point being is we can’t sit back while the government augments their power, violating our rights and abolishing our liberties in the process. The government should not be able to have control over my property, or anyone’s for that matter. Nor should they be allowed to impose rules without the consent of the people. The governments’ obscurity, tactical duplicity and the paradox of plenty are guising the truth. If the government doesn’t realize or care about any of these concerns he or she is one of the following: apathetic, fearful, ignorant, enslaved, and/or deceived. (With all due respect)”

“My predictions are folly, my questioning vanity… I fear the vengeance of the Lord, and negotiate a better way; beseeched and exhorted in doing so; but loving the Lord at all times regardless, yearning to know his means to an end. If we don’t belong in heaven, we belong nowhere. Hatred impairs judgment, and creates a mirror image… Love brings clarity and unveils real character. Forgive me, for my egotism which selfishness does not justify. I do not hid from my flaws and pray that we, despite our imperfections, be reconciled to God; once our characters are exposed, we will find purity in unity, compassion, and mutual understanding, all praying for mercy for the weak and unrighteous.

Don’t abandon me because of honesty; have clemency, bear with me, and continue to teach me with compassion and patience, as you have. I miss God, and that is why I love depression, for when I fall, God stands by me. Organizing depth in thought is like solving an unsolvable riddle; it consumes time and constrains productivity. No matter how many times once reads the Holy Doctrine; he will continue to receive new messages, so long as he searches with faith. We are all children, on our journey home, hand in hand; we will find it, alone, we will get lost. One can become intelligent by understanding the history, enlightened by understanding the message. From my understanding, intelligence yields material prosperity, where as enlightenment yields responsibility, spiritual maturity, and hopefully, divine acceptance, so long as one adheres to his own wisdom, which frequently is not the case.”

The next segment, just like the previous, I did not know where I started, or where I ended, for the energy it takes to swim, leaves no energy for organization.

“Mania reaches Revelation; which is clouded by deception and illusions of the underworld; I acknowledge and respect both sides, but believe in one. Lord Forgive us, for we forgive you for our fear, which we are to blame; love us, and walk with us, for if we follow you, we will get lost after we are confronted with obstacles called adversity and sometimes you walk to fast and we can only find you by turning around. Let eternity encompass all that is living, for no creation, defected beyond repair, functional but separate, deserves to be destroyed or neglected and obsolete; hearts must be kept, and not stolen but saved. Lord bless us, for we worship you in respect, so you stand by us, and spare those who don’t stand by you; those who don’t know you, fear you, so they hide from you, and pretend to forget you, or not believe in you; assuming that temporary liberation is better than facing the consequent reprimands, and being thrown in a deserved, but not perpetual prison, to which freedom depends on the mind of the fettered, all of which caused misconceptions resulting in convoluted meanings of justice and independence. The best moment in my life was facing time with God, please Lord, help the blind see, and awakened to overcome sleep. Privacy is earned, but not always desired; and for some, subconsciously feared, we need time alone, as much as we need time with family; control of which we are not prepared; for preparation requires unity and love which once reached ends time; preserving crowns, enabling control; I know the meaning of life, but it is worthless and not respected unless we all are on the same level, that is why I leader walks behind his men.”

“A diamond represents eternity, but it is illusionary and more covetous to the grounded. Seeking wisdom and spiritual truth, is in reality, seeking what a diamond represents; and like searching for diamonds, may never be found, and can only be found in certain places. Revelations are like diamonds, except they cannot be bought, their non-material, free, more difficult to decipher, real and scarcely believed, even for the discoverer, for proof is replaced by faith. Spiritual truth, unlike diamonds, are lost if they are not shared; mocked on earth, more than desired, but admired, more than envied. “You learn best by teaching,” sir Jim the wise, a jester to superficial eyes. The truth is folly to rational, spiritually young minds; maturity is optional, but is it essential? I don’t question God, I question myself.”

“Those with answers are vulnerable, and those without are security, for the former has something to lose, the latter only something to gain; thus we are led to the paradox of plenty. He who had plenty, whether of material goods, or mental thoughts, is inundated, and compelled to give, speak or write copiously until the rich is exposed, naked, poor, blaze, or high without desire for materialism and spiritually curious thus prone to begin the insatiable vocation of wisdom or philosophy. Stupidity is more quickly accepted than brilliance for it is more common, just as sinners are more quickly accepted than saints, leaving brilliant saints as lonely, foolish sinners, as true security is reliable support. Knowledge is intelligence, enlightenment, creativity, ability wisdom, ignorance, depression, and happiness, but a matter of opinion, absolute to some, a paradox to others. Will God one day provide answers, once, if, we pass; is Heaven eternal enlightenment and controllable mania, or balanced and just, including sin and pain? I question humanity to avoid accusations of arrogance. I vowed not to question God, but even my means to justify this, by questioning myself, is still utter vanity. He with all the answers is constantly confused and usually the victim of xenophobia, despite finding home.”

“ Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us”

“Is insanity an excess of sanity, or is sanity a lack of understanding? Does unveiling spiritual answers break down unwanted fences, or is revealing secrets a trespass against the kingdom, which must be proven wrong; meaning those playing the game, are taking the test, and those taking the test, objects of the game; if so, do gamers live on, and testers die, or is this not so and only when the body is destroyed, the soul is free? Or is our minds our realities? I can’t conform to the popular notion that eternity is a delusional fantasy, especially considered I witnessed miracles and received messages…”

“Is empathy useless when conjoined with vanity? Is equality uniformity and the enemy of life, or is equality united individuality, and the answer to life, neither or both? Is the former a product of primitive (hard) power and law that can only be forced, and the latter the reward of advanced (soft) power, and can only by universally consented too? Or is the former equality, and the latter brotherhood? Must brotherhood precede equality? If so, does equality precede absolute liberty?”

“How can convoluted mentalities gain support and respect so easily and minds of integrity be continually denounced and discredited? Why does it seem as though sickness is more popular than sobriety? Why is it so easy to manipulate, and so hard to save? Why do those who see go blind so frequently? Why is it so rare for a blind man to see? The more of us who believe in miracles, the more frequent they will come. No matter how many miracles occur, they will never be common, and to say they are, will only make them rare. The believers are the only hope for the nihilistic; without faith, reality will cease. Those who are not God’s sheep are Satan’s puppets, victimized by the mirror image so inevitable in sinister minds. It is harder to free a puppet than find a sheep, for lost sheep are searching, but controlled puppets are tricked into believing their lack of conscience is liberation; to be free is to have value, as temporary servility is eternal freedom. To demand freedom, is to receive chains. A servant mimics the contention of his master; that is why, only by finding God, can one find peace, for God is benevolent, and impervious to weakness.”

“We must be honest, engage in offensively diplomacy, and remain militarily defensive; not act duplicitous and aggressive. The former is more challenging, seemingly more risky, less immediate, but lasting; the latter is more risky, easier, more immediate, and only temporary. The former changes, the latter contains. The former clemency, the latter sacrifice.”

“In this world, there are no answers, only clues, half truths, and paradoxes leaving enlightened confused, and the ignorant content. Are objective truths, subjective, making the most rational, shockingly irrational, and the truly rational appear despondent mental patients? Is math the only truly rational subject, for doesn’t 2 plus 2 equal 4? Jesus taught me to yearn to walk with him, instead of follow, for our combined love and mutual understanding will overcome our fears and insecurities, enabling us to turn from sin when confronted with adversity, solidifying our individuality, converging our wills to perfection, so although unique and individuals, we are one, but still a pair, and in that sense, even mathematics is not purely objective.”

“ Hip hop is not dead. Posers did not silence rap; resisting cynics did; the former envious, the latter jealous. Posers are blamed despite augmenting power because in time they may limit demand, which can decrease power, which is theory. Rulers abrogate the powerful movements, using posers as a decoy, despite increasing demand and perpetuating the lifespan of the powerful, which is also theory.”

Losing mind… “ Wisdom is powerful, usually not immediately, but lastingly and earned once self-control is lost, and thus the Wiseman is weak, although powerful. Ignorance is meek and bliss and earns self-control and thus is strength for the ignorant. Intelligence is mundane power, and worthy of respect, but it is subjective, albeit objective; where as wisdom is objective, albeit subjective.”


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Bulshit Solutions I wrote because this world doesn’t give a shit… “Because of my condition I will probably not be able to attain the credibility you claim is essential. You’re going to have to understand my struggle and gift to trust in a solution that you can assist. I have provided a solution, which requires your assistance and cooperation to be successfully met. Rehab will replace prison. Freedoms in this rehab are held in arbitration in consideration of the individual and danger he poses. Those with less freedom should not be treated worse, but equally, or better and more attentively. Minimum wage will be $15. There could be variations for law abiding citizens, and criminals, where as law abiding citizens receive more privileges, until criminals complete certain activities such as community service, which will either be part of rehabilitation, or completed on the outside. Businesses that cannot afford this will be granted extra budget from the Government to exceed the bare limits of their subsistence. (No excused for why this cannot be done, military expenditures must be cut severely for they are wasteful and we are not doing anything to get out of war; therefore, once, me, the peacemaker, with cooperation, prepare the way for international peace, this will be possible.) Marijuana will be legalized, and sold on the market. More dangerous drugs, such as heroine, will be a precursor for rehabilitation. We are fed the propaganda that marijuana is a gateway drug, but it goes both ways. Occasionally, only because of the scarcity of marijuana, other drugs, more dangerous, are chosen as an alternative. The goal of the government is to obtain social order, through leadership, with use of the least force. Once the people earn their trust, law is not as necessary, but government must be prepared in a way that only leaders can partake. Questionnaires and lie detector tests could make this possible. People can be delegated for additional ideas. All of this will still leave millions in poverty, therefore, for those who can no longer survive in this world, will be accepted in a rehabilitation/free housing community, to prepare them for reentrance in society. Everyone will be giving the time they need, and not be partially treated, and discharged immaturely because of distant insurance companies without full grasp of the situation. Discharge will mainly be the decisions of the individuals. Once discharged, the rehabilitated individual will be provided with $5000 to jump-start his/her career. Military spending, after this New World Order of Brotherhood is promulgated, will gradually decrease, and eventually cease. If nations refuse, we will use our love for them to comprise a solution that will satisfy both national interests. We will listen to the intentions of our so-called enemy; cooperate with them, acting as a friend, making military action unnecessary. If we throw away all our weapons, withdrawal all troops, and continue to appeal to a higher nature, we will be more secure that we are now, if we account for the soul. If we are attacked in this state of mind, the victims will enter a perfected world, so fear is unnecessary. Lastly, education will also change. Elementary school will give children the least option as to what is studied, for they will be obliged to take general education. Middle school will be granted more options, but will remain structured around the student’s interests, providing basic requirements that relate to his interests and ambitions. High school will be like college is now, in regards to freedoms. As for college, that will be solely the decision of the students. General education will not be stressed, and college students will immediately take the classes that directly relate to their interests. Attendance will not affect grade, and students with debilitating condition will be giving extensions liberally. Two weeks after semesters are over will be make-up weeks. Home schooling and Internet classes will be available at all levels of education. Classes will encourage intellectual curiosity and debate, and teachers will be available for tutoring after hours. Their pay will be increased in consideration of these changes. Economic theories will be refuted by cooperation and deliberation. Government run organizations will play mediator when competition becomes unfair. All information online will be available and not restricted, and technology to prevent or protect against spies or hackers will be readily available, and constantly developed. Search engines will provide more options, like one that voids searches from disinformation and blogs. Bots will be deactivated and abolished wherever they cause problems or breach trusts. Global warming will be considered. Action will vary depending on the threat it poses. We may come to a time when people won’t be able to drive cars, and will be paid, during unemployment, or small towns will return, creating separate democracies which neglect the power of the federal government, but this is left for further debate and analysis.”

Missing pieces of prophesy that I don’t get… (Fear of innocence) … the names are substituted “The story is incomplete… Billy plays a much larger role. At one point, during the beginning stages of the esoteric illusions, I was giving the illusion that I could go, but Billy could not because he was the son of Hades. After the illusion progressed, after determined negotiation with our Father, all predetermined, and written before-hand by the other side, I was giving the illusion that I was my brothers-keeper. If I was really the prince, I was led to believe that Billy, if he was to get to heaven, would be the destroyer, and innocence would be swallowed by the beast. Even upon acknowledging this illusion, my negotiations increased. Jesus or God told me that if I gave into Billy’s whims, apocalypse would come. He warned me, and exhorted me to stick to my convictions at all costs. Sure enough, Billy tried to get me to do his bidding, and being formerly enlightened, I resisted. Regardless of his dictatorship dream, I felt as though I was his keeper, despite knowing that God was in complete control. So I fought endlessly, at times revealing a revolting, animalistic and sinful nature that I despised. Nonetheless, I was pressed for leadership, and fought my conscience daily. During this whole time, Billy and I were under circumspect surveillance, after researching and diffusing controversy, spreading propaganda, and flooding others minds with our understandings of the situation, or reactions to them, and our beliefs in regards to them. BB consumed us both, as we consumed BB. During times they would watch one us more than the other, pitting us against each other, evoking and exploiting weaknesses in our character, like jealousy or vanity. I wanted us both to prosper, not only one, and would accept nothing less… The discreet spies didn’t understand prophesy either and would make false judgments, some of which, revealed their love, some hate, some fear. There were various groups of spies also; some would purposely mess with our minds… These people are called crackers. We evoked so much emotion in our invisible enemies that they would go to great extents to restrict access to us, or merely try to get us to give up by messing with our work, creating false realities, and openly hating us. Although I was watched more as time went on, Billy was more popular, for my upbringing initially drove people away, as they feared me, and thus mocked me to hide their insecurity. They purposely played into this illusion, controlling myspaces to make it more apparent. Now that we get the gist of the story, I need to explain additional truths that may be in our cards. The initial writing was incomplete, as I said, for, in vanity, it disregarded the leadership role of Billy. During exile, people were on the fense as to what they would do. No one had the courage to assist the Revolution we had been propagating. As time went on, Billy began realizing why I had to pursue perfection, which was to present him and others with an example for the necessities of Revolutionary leadership, which he would have, at least in the eyes of the masses, have. I had to inculcate the main principles of the Revolution, which was an argument against Machiavellians. Billy was right that the Revolution needs unity and must infiltrate the media, but not to spread hate, but to write of the principles of peace, the meaning of justice, and the goals of the Revolution, which acts for the people, not in self-interest, disregarding, nationalistic fervor. He wasn’t ready, nor was I. I can’t write the future, but I do know that we need a leader to adapt Gods truth, which I was chosen to proclaim and reiterate.”



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I can't wait till I move out...

There is one cave bro, two sides, thus one middle, where the exit is, to which requires each individual key.

That is the secret to life... its so simple its almost impossible... brotherhood or unity, yeilds equality that results in freedom. Equality without unity however, is slavery.


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One of which is uniformity, the other brotherhood. One results in conformity which limits or abolishes individuality, the other harmony which evokes individuality.

I seriously need to move out... I'm so sick of living with my dad his girlfriend and her daughter in the suburbs with no friends... but all that is true though.


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Have you investigated some support housing you could go to? There are really good group homes that might be helpful for you. I don't know where you are, but don't all states have provisions for group homes for those who are unable to live on their own?