Life Hackers: The Crime of the Century

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    Revolution of The Sheeple (the future)

    Their trademark remarks are "slave with invisible chains" and "give me my remote" and "you are not alone"... They also call themselves "life hackers," while labeling those who are trying to prove the injustice of their prevalence "monkeys," calling the Internet the "monkey-booster," and the truth the "antidote". They flood searches with disinformation in the attempts to brainwash researchers.

    Sometimes, if you type messages in Google search engines in the form of a question, or making a statement, you'll get responses that are precisely relevant to the question asked or statement made. Frequently the responses are both condescending and derisive, much like the typical arrogance present in political forums, which brings about the question of whether “bots” are placed in certain forums as a means to disregard change, and shift the focus of Revolutionary prose by targeting minor errors, mocking the legitimacy of the writers claims, and posting digressive thoughts to divert the people from amalgamation and strategizing or are people the protégé or products of the imperialist in charge of the New World Order? I realize Google is self aware, and much of this is artificial intelligence, but making references to my farm or past friends and basically writing things in which only I would understand the meaning of, all of which have a fake connection to the website attached, verifies that to an extent, a human is in control of the search results. This is one of the biggest controversies so far this century, in addition to other forms of technology allowing government to actually watch people, in which even I don't fully understand, but no one really recognizes it, or talks about it, because for one, most people don't draw attention to themselves by triggering red flag scenario's and two, there is no way to prove it...

    Finding proof online may be possible one day, but once found, the story changes, the proof is discredited, and the "breakthrough" researcher is perceived as having mental issues, thus in some cases leading to institution, and the enforcement of behavior modification medication (seeking conformity in dissenters), plus "zombinizing" pills, which attack the consciousness of the patient... Many claim that you don't have to take the medicine, but that is false... I've been to one of these hospitals, and if you refuse, they will strap you to a bed, and give you a shot of the medicine. After manipulating patients into a pervious and vulnerable state of mind, the patient is sent to numerous mind control seminars, in which subjective information creates drones out of individuals.

    The Solution to Corruption: A Revolution demanding a Government directly responsible to the needs and concerns of the people, (with man-in-the middle tactics, they replaced people with government, so clearly they have not left me alone) which represents a return to altruism and a counter to the ever-popular notion which states that all individuals are innately egotistic, a theory propagated by Thomas Hobbes, and basically the cynical philosophy of all realist in our government which considering the decisiveness of these individuals, constitutes our entire government. In order to remain dominant, realist disdainfully insult and disparage optimistic individuals who suggest otherwise, calling them sensitive, naive and idealistic.

    "They" called me a bigger threat than Al Qaeda because I’m from America, and my motive is just, thus difficult for the elite to refuse or neglect if made public, as my views are the sentiment of all, and for the benefit of the common good.

    In a harmonious environment, nothing seems impossible, but in a contentious environment pressure inhibits virtue, and people are driven to pursue self-destructive, onerous paths against their will. US (or rather America, a more legitimate title) should be the first nation to initiate disarmament, regardless of previous disarmament failures, for they are at the summit of power thus making them the artist of the present. Another reason we should initiate disarmament is we are mostly responsible for abusing military capabilities. Government’s primary or sole purpose is to ease the tensions of subject citizenry… when law renders tension as oppose to benefit it has become a violation of our rights. War is an excuse for negligence and refusal to change. So since “they” plan to keep stations across the world indefinitely, negligence to the people will be perpetual unless “we” make demands, which will be accomplished through military reluctance or rationalized and unified civil disobedience, thus allying the people against the corruption of the elite, and guaranteeing successful Revolution.

    We need to assign a meeting where we can discuss and plan Revolution in addition to plan for Reformation. Without being prepared for the aftermath of Revolution, we will merely be ignored. Without maintaining high moral value, we will be perceived as nihilistic revolutionaries or rebellious dissenters (We must refrain from following "The Art of War" and aspects of Machiavellian power-politics delivered in "The Prince"). Lastly, concentrating on 9/11 will discredit us. We are not conspiracy theorist; we are remaining members of The Brotherhood.

    The minimum wage should be no less than 15$ an hour. The Internet should be regulated in a way to eliminate disinformation and duplicitous sources that make the truth obscure and diffuse ignorance to scholars and researchers. Our aim is decentralization during times of baleful rulers, and, if the people give their consent beforehand, centralization under wise and just leadership, in order to ensure effectiveness… Technology allows a more advanced form of democracy, noting the risk for technological fraud, which allows a continuation of corruption, however, if the people make sure that morally sufficient individuals are placed in charge of vocations that are high risk for corruption, some of these dangers can be prevented. Compromise, patronage and empathy, on our part, CAN and WILL get us out of war, for adversaries hate our government, not the people, so separating us from "them" will refresh relationships and amend grudges and vendettas. Through controlled media and the censorship of the Internet, the government portrays the illusion that all Americans share the mentality of the government, thus making the people guilty by association and equally at risk for attack. If you fear Revolution may jeopardize your property, or are too content with your life to allow distractions, imagine the misery and destruction that WWIII will cause, which is impending, unless the people of America take action.

    God’s Sheep – Zachary Scott McBride

    No Response???? I'm a mind control victim...

    stop avoiding this... stop thinking America is not involved in experiements that are deteriorating the intellect and invididuality of our generation.

    “NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.”

    “Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.”

    “Remote monitoring/tracking of individuals in any location, inside any building, continuously, anywhere in the country.”
    “A system for inexpensive implementation of these operations allows for thousands of persons in every community to be spied on covertly by the NSA. “

    I get the feeling I have been ignorant for so long that people simply ignore my thoughts... Everyone has far surpassed me in informational knowledge, making me almost an alien to this world. When I speak out against corruption, people merely see it as the way it is, and there is no changing it... or it's true, and people really are members of the empire, transformed by the machine into the same amoral being as BIGBROTHER himself.

    Whether it is me against the world, or merely, me against BIGBROTHER, for without BIGBROTHER, his followers will disperse, and ally with the next upcoming power, (for polarization is Americans tendency) adhering to his principles, thus creating a new era of uniformity, it doesn't matter, for my destiny is to help pursue the path of justice, regardless of the odds, in order to fulfill prophecy, and unite the people prior to the end of time, pressure, anxiety and alienation.

    They told me to keep digging... and luckily, soon enough, they released their oppressive hold on all information, and provided me with limited information, which confirmed all previous paranoia, but nonetheless, had a counter-effect and impassioned my desire to inform the rest, in addition to create a more honest world.

    All those times it was them messing with my work... it was them talking to me in the search engine... it was them praising my work.... it was them exposing my ignorance... everything I suspected was them, with the exception of the epiphany and divine intervention... I'm not mad, nor embittered, but appreciative of the time they spent analyzing me, for it was to both our advantage... they came to the realization of God through my experience, or at least some did, and I developed over the course of the experimentation.

    As they just told me... Its magic.

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    So assuming that this is true, how can we know that while you were in the hospital the government or Google didn't take over you consciousness? You could be doing their bidding right now. What if the government WANTS you to be depressed and psychotic? You should rebel from the control of google by immediately disconnecting your internet for an indefinite amount of time.
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    Shit, Google's sentient!?

    So the government's regulating and controlling the Internet, and that's bad. So logically we need to...start regulating the internet, which is good.

    Gold paint get the best of you, Zack?
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    We need to censor Google. We also need to censor the government's censorship.
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    So assuming that this is true, how can we know that while you were in the hospital the government or Google didn't take over you consciousness? You could be doing their bidding right now. What if the government WANTS you to be depressed and psychotic? You should rebel from the control of google by immediately disconnecting your internet for an indefinite amount of time.

    Then I wanted be able to share my mind with anyone and I would die in lonliness...

    What do you mean did Gold paint get the best of me... is that another insult?
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    Regulate the Internet? Fuck that!
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    Realism and optimism aren't mutually exclusive. A fella can like the world for what it is, and what it realistically could be. To think otherwise is pretty pessimistic, as these things go. Then again, you may want to disregard me, given that I'm a bot designed to point out insignificant flaws in your arguments and whatnot.
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    I think your missing the point... we are suspitious to the point of imposing overbearing security on human beings, disregarding the lack of sources which help people become security conscious.

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